How to Spruce Up the Walls of Your Home


If you are fed up with constantly being confronted with bare and plain walls throughout your home, and if you believe that they are letting the décor of your abode down, you should consider sprucing up the walls of your home. Read on if you have no idea where to start. 

1. Use Wall Stencils 

One of the best and most convenient ways to spruce up the walls of your home is to use wall stencils on them. Wall stencils can allow you to transform the appearance of your walls without having to completely redecorate them, and your walls will likely look different from everyone else’s, especially if you use custom stencils. Custom wall stencils can allow you to add patterns in any color that you would like to your walls, whether you want a feature wall or have decided to stencil every wall of the room in question. These stencils can make your walls look entirely different and ensure they are a prominent feature in your home. If you would like to do this, you should consider heading to to see the different stencils they offer and to discuss with them the option of designing custom stencils yourself. 

2. Hang Up Art 

Another way to make your walls more interesting is to hang art on them. Art can ensure that your walls are instantly more creative and expressive of your interests and personality. It can make sure that the eye is drawn to a specific spot on your wall. You can use this art as a focal point of the room or simply a way to ensure that your walls match the rest of your décor. However, you should be careful when you are buying art. Always make sure that the art that you are buying is genuine and that you invest in art from a dealer who has the right amount of expertise. You should also ensure that you protect it with a good frame and that you keep it out of direct sunlight

3. Hang Up Shelving

Although you might think of shelving simply as a storage method, shelving can also be used to display your most treasured possessions. When your walls are filled with the ornaments that you love, you will be happier with the appearance of your walls and what they add to your rooms. Not only this, but shelving can make your walls look less bare and can break up their monotony. You should look around for wood that is good for shelving and work out how to hang this shelving up DIY. You might look for wood that is the same color as the rest of the furniture in your home to make sure that this shelving looks cohesive and matches the rest of your room. 

4. Use Wallpaper

You might think that wallpaper has long been out of fashion, but this is not the case, and wallpaper has started to become popular again with homeowners. Whether you decide to wallpaper one of the walls of your room or you want to make every wall leap out at you, wallpaper can help you to add incredible, awe-inspiring patterns to your walls, whether you love florals or Art Deco designs. 


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