How to Safely Handle Home Improvement Projects During the Pandemic

As much as possible, the health authorities have called on the public to avoid social contact and to remain inside their homes. However, almost 8 months into the pandemic, most households in the US are already starting to experience problems including structure and appliance repairs, and see it necessary to call service personnel into their homes.

To maintain a COVID-free home, here are effective safety tips that you should follow when taking on home improvement projects.

Place foot-wear sanitizing mats at the door.

Sanitizing footwears are very helpful in reducing the spread of germs or viruses in homes. As virus droplets land on the ground, it can easily be walked over and carried to other places on shoes. Many homeowners are now placing footwear sanitizing mats at their front door, so anyone can sanitize their shoes before stepping inside. Footwear sanitizing mats are now available in different sizes at your local home improvement store and online market.

Require everyone who enters your home to wear face masks.

The Center for Disease Control discovers that COVID-19 droplets can pass in the air up to 13 feet or 4 meters. That is why, aside from observing social distancing, you must also practice wearing face masks at home. When hiring repair contractors, always see to it that they are complete with personal protective equipment before you hire them to work on projects inside your home.

Only open the portion of your house that needs repair to contractors.

To prevent transmission inside your home, limit the indoor spaces that you open to your guests or visitors. When getting a home appliance repaired, for instance, let the repair personnel through the entrance door closest to the appliance location. You don’t want everyone walking around your living spaces since it also adds to the cleaning or sanitizing work you have to do afterwards.

Let your hired contractors bring their own tools.

Only hire repair contractors that are fully-equipped with the necessary tools and equipment. This way you don’t also have to gather the materials yourself  either through rentals or brand-new purchases.

Choose a cashless transaction.

Cashless transactions are the safest to go, nowadays, as it prevents contact. Check if the company you are hiring accepts fund transfers, so paying for services will be as easy as a few taps on your device.

Hire a reputable company for your AC repair and maintenance

While DIYs are highly recommended during the coronavirus pandemic as it prevents other people from entering your home, some home repairs are simply not doable on your own. You cannot rely on average skills when fixing your air conditioning system. To get your AC back to its excellent working condition, you have to hire the service of a licensed and skilled contractor.

There are many HVAC companies that have currently resumed their operations. Find the right company to hire by checking on online company websites to see if they are implementing COVID safety and health protocols to help protect the safety of their clients during home services. Never sleep on your home’s needed AC repair and maintenance, schedule a service appointment today!

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