How to Prepare for a Backpacking Trip


Whether it’s your first backpacking trip or your tenth, you need to be prepared. If you have an upcoming backpacking trip, here are a few tips to help you prepare for anything that might come your way.

Search For Travel Tips

No matter where you’re headed, it’s crucial that you do your research. You can use a great site like Outdoorsome to find tips and guides to wherever you’re headed. If you’re looking to spend a week in a national park, see if you can find out the details for camping out. You’ll also want to find the insider scoop on the best places to visit in the park. A regular visitor might know the best place to get a 360-degree view of the park or the right time to climb a peak. With the right research, you can pull off the perfect trip.

Have The Right Gear

When you’re backpacking, for your safety and convenience, you should have all the right gear. You might find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and if something breaks or malfunctions, you won’t have any way to replace it. Buy a tent that has weather-protection and is light in your pack. Bring a sleeping bag, sleeping pad (yes, you need both), and a pillow.

Test out your kitchen equipment before you start your trip. You don’t want to get to the top of a mountain and discover your camping stove doesn’t work. Being a way to purify water, and pack plenty of warm socks. Backpacking is not a sport to be taken lightly and there are plenty of things that could go wrong. Set yourself up for success by bringing everything you’ll need and testing it all before you head out.


Know Your Medications & Health Needs

When you head out for any trip, it’s important to know your own medical needs and be prepared. If you take any medication regularly, ask your provider to send enough so you’ll have a full supply for the duration of your trip or have him send the prescription to a pharmacy near where you’ll be. If you have an allergic reaction during your backpacking adventure, you may need to search “allergy clinic near me” to find help, though it might be smart to find a local clinic before you head out.

If you regularly see a specialist, make sure your doctor knows you’ll be away and for how long. He or she might give you a number to call if you have an emergency while you’re traveling, or your physician might recommend a few local providers near where you’ll be, just in case. It’s best to have your medications and health needs in check before you head out, and always carry a first aid kit with you.

Keep Your Friends And Family Informed

Before you head out for your trip, have a meeting with your friends and family members. Give each person a copy of your itinerary, which should include addresses and days. You might want to let them know when your schedule is more flexible. For example, if you’ve put that you’ll be leaving Vermont and heading into New Hampshire, let the know if that’s a set deadline or not.

When you’re backpacking, you’re traveling at your own speed, unlike a vacation to Disney World that might depend on flights and park tickets. Give your loved ones a rough idea of where you’ll be and when, as well as where you’ll be able to call them. Schedule check-ins with your family members if possible. Staying in touch with people not on your trip will help you and them to feel safer. If someone always knows where you are and where you should be, they’ll know if something goes wrong.

A backpacking trip is an adventure you’ll never forget. Make sure you’ve prepared as much as possible, and your journey will go smoothly.




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