How to Look Your Best at Your Class Reunion

The day has finally come: you’ve been invited to your high school’s ten-year class reunion. Man, does that make you feel old. It seems like just yesterday that you and your pals were goofing around in algebra class. Nowadays, though, you’ve got a great job and a serious relationship, and you’re ready to show it all off while reconnecting with friends and classmates you haven’t seen in years. That being said, your achievements and resume only count for part of the impression you’ll make at your class reunion. Here are a few other tips for looking your best at your upcoming class reunion.

Dress for the environment

The first thing you’ll want to consider is the outfit you’re going to wear. For starters, you’re going to want to pick out something that shows off your best assets. If you’ve been dieting and exercising, it’s important to pick an outfit that accentuates the weight you’ve lost since high school. After all, you haven’t been hitting the gym and passing on pizza and ice cream more often for nothing. This is your time to flaunt your new body!

Beyond dressing to accentuate your best features, you’ll also want to pick an outfit that’s fitting for the event. If your reunion is at an upscale restaurant, bar, or event venue, it’s a good idea to wear something a bit more formal. For women, it’s hard to go wrong with a modern black blouse and a nice pair of shoes. For men, a suit coat and dress shirt with a nice pair of pants are a great starting point. Don’t be afraid to head to a nicer store like White House Black Market if you don’t have the right outfit in your closet. If your class is planning to meet up at a neighborhood bar, however, wearing jeans and your high school hoodie could be a great option, too.

Consider a new haircut

Take a peek at your high school yearbook, and you might be surprised to see that your hairstyle hasn’t changed much since senior year. If you feel like you’re very much a different person now than you were in high school, getting a new haircut might be a great way to show that you’ve turned over a new leaf. When you visit the salon or barbershop, make sure to plan your appointment a week or two ahead of the date of your reunion. This will give you plenty of time to grow into the haircut and feel confident. If you’re trying a completely new style, it’s never a bad idea to bring some reference photos with you to show the stylist.

Wear your success on your finger

If you’re married or have a high-paying job, make sure to show it off! After all, these are achievements to be proud of—and nothing communicates your accomplishment like a diamond ring. Nowadays, more ethical jewelry options are much more en vogue, so don’t be afraid of looking into lab created diamonds instead of earth-mined options. Lab created diamonds are not only a more socially responsible choice to buy as a consumer, but they’re also graded by the GIA on the same qualities as their earth-mined counterparts. Unlike cubic zirconium, lab created diamonds are 100 percent authentic, meaning you won’t have impostor syndrome if you walk into the room and catch your high school ex staring at the rock on your finger.

Getting to reconnect with old friends and compare yourself to old rivals is half the fun of heading to your class reunion. Make sure that you look as successful as you feel by keeping the above tips in mind.

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