How to Install a Porch Screen: 7 Must Know Tips?


Whether you are replacing an old screen or installing a new one, there are some tips and tricks that can help you to achieve better results. The following tips and tricks are worth trying;

Perform the Following for a Better Back Porch Screen Installation

To enjoy the outdoors without the issues of insects and bugs, you should consider installing a top to bottom wood rail plate and you should install wall studs that will create vertical support to attach your screen wire. You should also consider attaching the screen wire around the perimeter of the porch.

Make Use of Velcro Porch Screen

When considering screen porch system, perhaps you should opt for the Velcro porch screen to keep the bugs away. You need very minimal carpentry but if you are unsure about installing the Velcro screen, then you should seek assistance from a professional carpenter.

Take Away the Old Railings

Have in mind that your existing porch can be easily transformed when you remove the old railings before securing new screen wires. Removing the old railings will allow you to use the support posts to secure the new screen in place.

Add some Minimal Style Railings for Added Beauty

Many homeowners are unaware of minimizing decorations when installing a porch screen. When you add over-stylish or flamboyant railings, you may end up blocking your view partially after installing a porch screen but a minimal style railing will create a beautiful view without blocking your view.

Perform a Porch Make Over Along with Porch Screen Installation

Do not neglect the need to revitalize your porch after installing a new screen. You should consider applying a coat of fresh paint on the porch before installing the screening system. It will create some beauty in the entire area.

Hang Sheer Curtains for Extra Privacy

Once you have completed your porch screen installation, you should consider adding an extra layer of décor by hanging some sheer curtains to create some privacy. One of the benefits of the sheer curtains is that it will allow the summer breeze to blow right through the porch.

Install The screen in Half if You Have a Very Large Porch

You may want to screen in half of a large porch so that you and your family can enjoy more space in your home indoor and outdoor living area. You may want to contact an expert carpenter for a different large porch screening pan, for this purpose.

Use the Deck as Floor for the New Porch

When making a screened-in porch from a deck, you may want to use the existing deck as the floor the new porch when installing the screen. The deck flooring is more useful than you think, in this situation.


Personalizing your porch in addition to adding a new screen is very important when it comes to a DIY screen installation procedure. You need to ensure that the screen is properly installed to prevent your views from being blocked. Contacting a versatile home remodeling technician is a good option for this purpose.




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