How To Get Through Boys Haircuts Comfortably


If you are an independent mother when it comes to your baby, you should know how to cut and style their hair. If you realize that you are now combing your boys’ eyes when styling the hair, you should consider trimming the hair. Boys’ haircuts are easy to come up with on your own as long as you follow the right guide and with the help of a few tips.

First haircuts may be almost impossible to get through without getting the boy crying. It is possible to cut the boy’s hair comfortably for the first time without the baby shedding a tear. Below are some tips and tricks to help you go through the boys haircuts comfortably for the first time.

1. Consider the Right Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to cutting the boy’s hair. As a parent or guardian, you should understand your son well to know the right time to trim their hair.

Don’t interfere with the normal schedule that you have set for your boy. It will be wrong to give them a trim during their nap or eating time.

Schedule an appropriate time and leave their normal schedule unaffected because this could mess with their mindset.

2. Get the Best Distraction

When doing the boys’ haircuts, it helps a lot to have them distracted. Distraction helps because it is not easy to have the attention of a baby on one thing for a long time.

Distracting them will have them sitting still for a long time as you trim their hair. By the time they shift their attention from the distraction, you will be done.

Get the best distraction for your baby based on what they love. It could be their favorite toy or show. If your child loves the attention, you could have someone else play around with them as you do the trimming.

3. Schedule Their Cut Together With That of Someone They Know

You can have their hair cut same time as his dad or older brothers. This will give them confidence and comfort that nothing dangerous is happening to them, and they will be calm through the process.

You can also have them watch as you trim the hair of someone else before you start with theirs.  Young boys love having what is done to other people done to them, and this way, they will be familiar with getting a haircut or develop a feeling that it is something they should get too.

4. Get a Baby Barber Kit

When doing boys’ haircuts, it is advisable to use familiar tools. For example, you can have a clipper designed as his favorite toy, and this way, they will be more at ease.

Using the normal barber kit may scare the baby and have them cry or fail to cooperate for the trim. Use tools that are cute and more baby-friendly for the process.

5. Use Comforting Words

You should use words that make your baby interested in the process. For instance, using the word ‘cut’ may scare away the little boy. It will have them thinking of something dangerous, and they may fail to embrace the process.

6. Don’t Have the Boy Face the Mirror

Making the boy face the mirror may have them realize what is happening to them, and on some occasions, they may not like it.

The baby will get freaked out seeing you cut their hair, and they may end up crying their lungs out. Have the baby look at you or something they like for them to be comfortable,

7. Have Breaks

The baby may not be able to sit still for the whole process. Let the baby take breaks where you can have them take a snack and be patient with the baby. It is good to follow your baby’s body language, and forcing them to hold on until you finish trimming will have them develop a hatred for getting haircuts even in the future.

8. Give the Boy a Treat

You can make the boy love getting boys haircuts by giving them a treat when they get their hair cut. This way, the boy will always be excited to get his hair trimmed.




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