How to Get into Digital Marketing in 2020?

Technology has developed rapidly over the past few decades and has been changing the way the world works ever since. To keep up with the pace of developing technology, everything else that depends on technology must also keep rapidly developing and evolving. One of the things that depend on technology is marketing. Marketing has existed for a very long time now and it has had various strategies and models based on the time and the developments of mankind. The development of technology paved the way for the creation of Digital Marketing. This is a type of marketing that is very different from traditional marketing. In this, there are a lot of factors that decide if the product being marketed is going to succeed or not.

The history of marketing is interesting and there are a lot of courses being offered in colleges that will provide information about this. There are PGDM courses, MBA courses, M.Com. Courses, etc. These courses will provide a detailed history of marketing and the techniques being used. Students who take up these courses can expect a good career in the field of marketing and marketing related fields. After years of studies and experimentation, the evolution of marketing theory was developed. Marketing as a profession can be considered the process of marketing a company’s products in a crowded marketplace. This is exactly what is described in the Evolution of Marketing theory, right from the production to the marketing.

Currently, the marketing industry is one of the most sought after industries and there is a lot of competition to get into the field. Graduating from a college that has a good marketing course is considered advantageous. Since there is a lot of competition, there are entrance exams being conducted so that aspiring individuals can get into good colleges and some of these exams are ATMA, MAT, CAT, etc. Attending these exams will give people a chance to get into the colleges that they desire to graduate from.

There are a lot of strategies that companies use to stay at the top in their niche. Online marketing companies need to work harder than companies that rely on traditional marketing techniques, as building a trustable online presence is really hard. Some techniques being used are creating shoppable posts, using new technology such as virtual & augmented reality, making use of interactive content, and having personalized content. These are just some of the new marketing trends that can be helpful for online marketers to build an online presence that the consumers would be able to rely on.

Some colleges have PGDMcourses that are updated as and when the trends in the marketing techniques keep changing. These courses will inform their students about the various techniques that were mentioned above such as shoppable posts where the posts being updated on the social media platforms of the company have posts that advertise the product in such a way that the consumers will be influenced to invest in that particular product. It is also necessary that the marketers be aware of the platforms that are trending for the marketing of products. Creating interactive content is another way to sell the product as a lot of users feel the need to engage with the content and it also keeps them on the webpage for a longer amount of time. Another technique that the students in digital marketing courses will be learning about is creating personalized content. It was found in a survey that a lot of the customers would feel comfortable giving a company their business if they felt that the company’s content was personal and to achieve this the company must know about the various segmentations in the customers who fall under their niche. Having a segmentation of the audience will allow the company to create content and products that are personal to the consumers.

Another trend that can be used to achieve a good online marketing presence is the versatility of the google ads tool. This tool learns and adapts to the market trends and will optimize the company’s bids to change automatically when the sales start or stop. Learning and being aware of updates in tools such as the Google ads will help the company to reach bigger goals.

It is important that a marketer is aware of the various developments in the field of digital marketing and the techniques that come with it. Hence, applying for entrance exams such as ATMA, MAT, CAT, CMAT, etc. to enter good universities that offer a course in marketing will give an advantageous step to aspiring marketers.

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