How to ensure high quality of mushroom farm equipment and why it matters?


It’s not possible to run a mushroom farming business on an industrial scale without specialized equipment. There are many models to choose from, though, so making the right choice can turn out to be quite difficult. Here are some key tips that will help you ensure that your selection will meet even the highest of expectations!

What to look for in a mushroom-picking trolley?

As far as mushroom farming equipment goes, high-quality mushroom-picking trolleys are a must-have investment. But what features to look for, exactly? Firstly, a modern mushroom-picking trolley should offer automated movement of the platform (left and right, as well as up and down). It’s the key to raising picking efficiency, which in turn impacts the business’ overall profitability. Easy picking from the top and bottom shelves of the shelving is important as well.

Automation shouldn’t end with platform movement. A system that stops the trolley when an obstacle is detected ensures higher safety in the workplace. It should be supplemented by other safety measures, such as doors that open inwards, non-slip working platforms,s and the necessary barriers. An incident reporting system that allows for constant monitoring of the trolley and fast reaction to any difficulties is also quite useful.

Appropriate mushroom lighting equals lower costs

Lamps present in mushroom farms don’t have an easy job. Such farms are characterized by difficult conditions, such as high humidity and temperature, which can be especially harmful to electronic devices.

The solution is to purchase lamps with high resistance to both mechanical and chemical damage. High leakage coefficients, such as IP69, should also be highly prioritized. Lamps that meet these conditions are a safe and reliable choice for even the most demanding mushroom farm owner.

How do you choose the right growing nets?

Growing nets might not be electrical devices, but making the right selection when it comes to them is also crucial. Why? Cheap, low-quality nets will quickly shrink, which will cause the substrate to fall off the shelves of the shelving. There’s also a possibility of holes starting to appear.

Meanwhile, higher-quality nets can last the farm for many years without any issues. All while not only being durable, but also hygienic and easy to clean. Lack of need for frequent replacement of growing nets can mean significant savings in the long term.

As is apparent, choosing the correct mushroom farm equipment can have quite an impact on productivity, workplace safety, and replacement costs. That’s why it’s best to purchase equipment from proven retailers, such as GROWTIME.




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