How To Enjoy A Summer Bash And Make Most of Your Poolside


Summers are the best time for people to enjoy and pay attention to their health. The warm weather even improves your immune system and enhances your sleep. One of the best ways to enjoy these warm days is by spending most of your time around your pool. Host a family feast, throw snags on the barbeque, and invite your friends.

Nothing can beat the fun and excitement of dining around the pool with your near and dear ones. You can build a swimming pool without any hassle these days. All you need to do is consult Northern Beaches pool builders.  Here is everything you can do to make the most of your investment and enjoy the ultimate summer bash in Northern Beaches, Sydney.


A blazing hot sun kills all the excitement of your outdoor party. Everyone want to be near the aircon when you have no place to shield themselves around the pool. An easy-peasy solution to this problem is to create shelters for your guests along your backyard pool. It can be in any form, like Umbrella, shade clothes or more permanent solutions, such as gazebos.

It pool also transform the dining experience. It can alter from a smash-and-grab dining experience to an affair with a quick, relaxing lunch stretching well into the afternoon. You can select an option not only to give shade, but something to protect you and your guests from wind and rain. It will allow you to enjoy your dinner and lunches even when the weather cools and days grow shorter in Northern Beaches, Sydney.


Strategically placed lighting can bring life to your garden and poolside. You have a bunch of lighting options, such as –

  • Festoon light
  • Strung from trees
  • Along fence lines
  • Permanent structures
  • Spike lights
  • Instant party vibes

You can use Bollards to guide your guests through the pathways back to the house. You can use spike lights to make your garden features or plants the focal point, as these lights are easy to move around. You can also enhance the atmosphere and add glamour to the table with candles and decorative lights. Try giving off a tropical feel by keeping mozzies at bay with citronella lantern or candles without the risk of malaria in Northern Beaches, Sydney.

You can also opt for weatherproof lighting suitable for every budget and application, including low-voltage, mains-powered and solar ones. Think about the location and the effect you wish to have. All you need is to ensure you can access power effortlessly.

At the same time, test the placement before the event to ensure your preferred arrangement does not shine or glare in your guest’s eyes when the night falls in Northern Beaches, Sydney.

You can also put some effort into seats along the garden and poolside, including the landscaping around the pool. Other than these, you can pick a theme to make things more exciting, include vibrant cocktails, plan the delicious menu, and play in the pool and splash around the pool. You can also search around for more ideas to make your bash more exciting.




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