How to Apply Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions: Tips for Professionals


Pre bonded hair extensions are one of the most demanded extension techniques. It allows you to radically transform any hairstyle, by adding desired volume and length.

At the same time, this technique looks natural and does not damage natural hair.

If you are just a beginner in this beauty sphere, then you will probably be interested to learn more about how to properly do fusion hair extensions, as well as what raw materials and tools you need to buy.

Applying Pre-bonded Hair Extension: Preparation Process

Preparation for k-tips can be divided into two parts: the purchase of necessary tools and consumables; and preparing the customer for the extensions.

Let’s start with the consumables you’ll need:

1. Keratin glue

This material is used for bond formation. Since the main load falls on it, it is important to choose a safe product that reliably fixes the extended strands.

The use of low-quality keratin glue always has a risk of causing allergies in clients to some of its ingredients. Also, the bond fixation may be weak, as a result, the extended curls will begin to slide off from the head.

A good product has an organic hypoallergenic composition and does not emit vapors during use. And if you put keratin glue under a neon lamp, the material will have a specific neon glow (which cheap low-quality products do not have).

To date, hair stylists prefer to work with two types of keratin glue:

  • Standard Italian or refractory keratin glue. It comes in transparent, brown, and black shades.
  • Gel keratin has shown itself to be more convenient to work with. It is easier to melt and crunch, and also it is stronger. 

Such keratin comes in a variety of shades, so you can easily choose the color that matches the tone of your customers’ hair roots.

2. Iron connector 

It is used to fix the bonds and will also be useful during the re-bonding procedure.

Choose lightweight tools to allow less tired hands.

3. Heat Protector Shields

These shields protect the skin from burns that may occur from contact with an iron or heated to high temperatures keratin.

Choose the shields with a scale mark – they provide an excellent template guide for application.

4. Hair

The choice of suitable raw materials depends on the hair structure of your customers.

  • For clients with soft and thin locks, it is better to choose Slavic hair. Also, this material is great for customers with thinned weak strands or for those who prefer undyed natural shades.

This raw material is always collected from one donor. Therefore, each time you get a unique product: bundles of different weights, lengths, hues, and textures (smooth, wavy, or curly). Slavic hair is perfect for pre-bonded hair extensions!

  • If your client has a more dense texture of strands, you can use Russian hair for extensions. 

Here you will find a great selection of bundles of different colors (up to 24 shades) and textures.

  • For the owners of thick and naturally dense hair European hair is a perfect option. By the way, in this category, you can find bundles up to 90 cm long!

All three types of material undergo delicate disinfection that does not affect the original hair quality. Thanks to this, the raw material will serve your customers for up to one year (do not forget about regular reapplication procedures and proper care).

In turn, bundles from the Asian market are not suitable for North American clients: their texture is too coarse. In addition, they undergo aggressive treatment that negatively affects the quality of their hair.

Although in this article we focused on what is needed for the first extension procedure in the k-tips technique, the beginners in the hair extension sphere will also need tools for the rebonding procedure.

These include:

  • Hair extensions removing/bonds forming pliers.
  • Keratin Bond Remover, which softens the bonds and makes the process of their removal safer.

The customer should prepare as follows:

  1. Wash the head with deep cleaning shampoo or with regular shampoo if the first option is not available;
  2. Avoid using hair conditioner before the extension procedure. 
  3. Dry the curls with a hairdryer without styling products. The procedure is much easier for the stylist when the hair is clean. 

The highest-quality products for pre-bonded hair extensions can be found in the online store of the popular brand I Love Slavic Hair

The brand consultants will gladly help you to choose an appropriate hair type, keratin glue, and other tools and consumables for work!

Pre-bonded Hair Extension Application Process Step-by-Step

The process of keratin tips fixation is as follows:

  1. Divide the hair into sections and decide on where the extensions will be installed. This will make your work simpler and more convenient.
  2. Make sure the bonds are not too close to the scalp. Otherwise, wearing the extensions will cause discomfort, and headache and can even provoke the loss of strands.
  3. Start the process from the crown of the head. Make sure to take the strands of even thickness. The distance between the bonds also should be even.
  4. After the crown, move to the back of the head, and then – to the temples and forehead. Hair on the temples is usually very thin. So in this area, you can use micro bonds: they are even more neat and unnoticeable. For comparison, micro bonds contain 0.5-0.7 grams of hair per strand, while the standard bonds contain 1 gram of hair per strand.
  5. Make sure the natural curls cover the fixation points of the extended hair. 

Everything is ready!

Now you know all the nuances of the fusion hair extensions technique, and can make your customers’ hairstyles the most comfortable and beautiful!




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