How Small Floor Sweepers Can Revolutionize Your Cleaning Routine


Cleaning is one of the most important tasks to maintain the general hygiene of the place. Be it small floors or large spaces, an efficient cleaning will enrich the beauty of the place besides adding to its hygienic values. It is also important to maintain the safety and efficiency of the place you are living in. This article will help you understand the importance of floor sweepers in day-to-day use. The small floor sweeper is a revolutionary idea that has great utility in cleaning a stretch of areas.

How do small floor sweepers help in efficient cleaning?

The small floor sweepers are extremely significant if you want an effective cleaning of your spaces. Here are some of the ways, small floor sweepers have revolutionized your cleaning routine-

  1. Effective collection of debris and dust particles – The vacuum system helps in developing a suction to clean the debris and dust particles.
  2. It will help you in cleaning outdoors and indoors – You will be able to clean both outdoors and indoors.
  3. Waterless operation – It will help you promote eco-friendliness by not using water for cleaning the space and yet attain an effective cleaning.
  4. You will be able to reduce the maintenance cost – Usually, cleaning involves several procedures which can be costly. Small floor sweepers can reduce the total cost.
  5. Suitable for cleaning different spaces of varied magnitude – The small floor sweepers can be used for cleaning the mess in different spaces of different magnitude. From large spaces to small ones, you can use these floor sweepers to clean every space.

What are the features of small floor sweepers?

The small floor cleaners are used for cleaning different spaces. Some of the best features of small floor sweepers-

  1. It sweeps everything- dirt, dust, grain, soil, pellet chips, glass and rocks.
  2. There is an in-built filtration system that will filter the dust even while collecting. This will help in maintaining an eco-friendly environment even during cleaning.
  3. You will get the maximum manoeuvrability.
  4. You will also be able to assure the safety of your rider.
  5. The compact size of the floor sweepers helps in maintaining a small to medium-sized facility.
  6. They are long-lasting sweepers meant for long-term usage.
  7. They are designed in a durable way that promotes productivity and reliability.
  8. It is also extremely budget-friendly for users of a wide range of industries.

It can be used in warehouses, construction sites, factories, schools, car parks, and many other outdoor areas in addition to indoor cleaning. You can use it in your office and give your employees a better hygienic space to breathe. It can be used to clear the dust in the environment which will help in attaining a dust-free environment, and gift everyone freshness. People with dust allergies can use this sweeper to clear out the dust particles from the room. The dust control can reach PM10 filtration standards, thereby maintaining a safe environment.

What are the types of small sweepers available?

There are mainly two types of small floor sweepers available which can be used for easy cleaning of spaces with different sizes.

  1. ASC Eureka M3 Sweeper – It requires minimum maintenance cost and downtime. It is used in different types of industries. It has a wide sweeping path of 1200 mm and is incorporated with a fast operational speed. It assures a cleaning capacity of 10,000 square meters per hour. It is effective for cleaning narrow and confined areas. It can be used to clean rough and uneven floors as well.
  2. ASC Eureka M2 – It is a substitute for the bulky walk-behind sweeper. It can be used to clean doorways and narrow areas. It has a turning radius of 95 cm. It has a visible steel hopper of approximately 63 liters. It is used all across industries, mainly for cleaning narrow spaces.


The benefits of small floor sweepers are endless. You can also clean your products using these sweepers and render dust-free products to your valuable customers. It has been manufactured by specially trained engineers to help you with easy cleaning facilities. It is also a time-effective process thus saving a lot of energy that gets otherwise wasted in rendering a multi-stepped cleaning process. You will be able to clean an area of whatever size very effortlessly. A small floor sweeper is an effective way of cleaning across different industries and households.




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