How much important are songs in a Telugu movie?


With every passing day, the Telugu film industry is growing, and particular importance is now put on the quality and layout of Telugu songs. A movie without good and soothing songs is a total flop. With the revival of the Telugu film industry, Hollywood has made an awesome comeback with good songs. A film’s audio plays a vital role in its success as the songs are released first. But if they are any good only then the audience will think to visit the cinema when the actual movie gets released. In the start, the Telugu industry didn’t consider songs in a movie of any worth, the director and the producers only focused on the quality of the script, but now they’ve understood how important are the songs and lyrics to make any movie a super hit.

The role of songs was only considered as something as light as a piece of the dunk. However, with the passage of time, the Telugu film realized that the songs could make or break a movie. No matter how much money you invest in the making of a good film, but if the songs are not good, then the movie will ultimately fail. In the past years, even the songs were recorded on the same movie sets, but the audience started penetrating more towards songs and music, so the industry evolved. After this, empirical importance was laid on the direction, lyrics, composition, the voice quality of the singer, and, most importantly, the choreography. Amongst the total of twenty-three crafts of movie-making, the singing and songs are now given special attention.

A lot of people make their mind to watching any movie, on the basis of the songs. Music plays a vital part in the making of any movie. The music directors compose the music and the lyrics in such a way that they reflect the theme of the whole movie. The movie-makes try to put a lasting impression of the soon-to-release movie on the minds of the audience. A lot of films only get hit because of well-composed songs. The songs have taken a role in the Tollywood industry. That’s why numerous Telugu movie-makers have raised a campaign to invest in quality music into the movies because of the audience’s penetration towards the songs and their composition. Highly talented music composers like Ilayaraja, A.R. Rahman, Harris Jayraj, etc. have produced some masterpieces for this industry. The situation goes like this that the number of music producers has drastically increased, but the directors are only a few. So, the hunt for young, talented, and enthusiastic music directors continues.

There are many master hits produced by the Telugu industry, which have put a lasting impression on the minds and souls of the people. Many young singers have emerged who have made their names from this industry, and today they’re successful.

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