How Instagram TV is one of the most unique features


Instagram TV is indeed another unique and innovative feature by Instagram after the story feature. This feature has enhanced the importance of Instagram as one leading social media platform in the eyes of marketers and businesses. It just like a television. Instagram users can enjoy watching videos of their interests like makeup tutorials from their favorite makeup artists. Before Instagram launched this feature, the app did not allow long videos to be posted. It only allowed 15 seconds videos to be posted. But with the launch of this feature, businesses can post longer videos. Both businesses and users are benefitting from this feature. How it differs from a normal account is that it does not have a feed consisting of photos and videos or stories. The biggest benefit of this feature that everyone was limited to post short videos before IGTV was launched, but now long videos of up to one hour can be posted.

IGTV for social media marketing

When we talk about marketing, the most successful tool is considered to be video. It is an effective way of engaging people with your content and urges them to follow you via your content. This can help you get more likes and even followers. When Instagram introduced the story feature, there was seen an increase in the number of people using Instagram. But now introducing an even more enhanced feature i.e. the IGTV, it has attracted a lot of new users as well. It just works like YouTube. Hence, people who love to watch videos are more likely to engage with this feature. Many brands and businesses are using IGTV for giving a detailed review about their products, their features, benefits, specifications, etc. According to marketers, the content that helps them in increasing ROI is video. Videos are a great way of interpreting a story visually. It is the greatest and the most effective way to engage people.

How to use Instagram TV

Using IGTV is way too easy. With the increasing number of people using IGTV, it is obvious that people love this new feature by Instagram. Users with both private and public business accounts can benefit from this amazing unique feature. Moreover, users can use it via the Instagram application or also IGTV application. It also comes with its own application.

  • Go to the Instagram app.
  • Open your account and click on the IGTV icon that you will see on the top right corner of your screen.
  • If you have downloaded the Instagram TV application, it will lead you to a welcome screen.
  • Finally, it will show a continue option. When you tap on the continue option, it will open the main screen.

Just like a normal television has different channels, IGTV has channels too. Every user can create a channel. When you create a channel and want to start posting videos, an important consideration would be what would be the content of your videos. You can either post tutorials, educational documentaries, product details, etc.


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