How do you correct hammer toes?


Hammer toes has been one of the most difficult to correct foot disorders. It has been characterized by acute distortion on the toe fingers especially the big one that is liable for the balance of the person walking or standing.

The hammer toes syndrome is the one that gives both acute and chronic pain and has more defections on the forefoot area than any other deformity you may encounter.

People with hammer toes are constantly looking for solutions and the most viable should be to change their current footwear that probably poses a barrier to their healing.

Kind of shoes that are best for hammer toes

There are multiple shoes that you can choose to wear when having hammer toes. Some of them can even give you greater comfort and allow you the regain some of the lost mobility you used to have. This is important since many people are not questioning their appearance but are disappointed by the fact that they cannot walk and run freely as they did before. When choosing the best shoes for hammer toes, you have to make sure that they are extra depth and have a wide toe-box.

Sneakers and running shoes are among the best for hammer toes. They can completely reverse the situation and make you feel comfortable again in your shoes. This kind of footwear is usually promoting a softer insole that most of the times is also removable.

This insole area gives more cushioning to the heel and foot curve that is usually aggravated by the body stature of the people that are suffering from hammer toes. When you are in pain in the forefoot area the body is trying to reduce the pressure there. This provokes an uneven share of the body weight between the front and the rear part of your body. That is why the heel and foot curves are distorted and need extra help when you are having the softer insoles.

Not to mention, that this kind of shoes has been always sweating absorbent. This can explicitly help people suffering from hammer toes since it is common to see them sweating when they are trying to retrieve parts of their lost mobility. The removable insoles are easy to be replaced and washed giving people with hammer toes an extreme hygiene level.

Finally, the sneakers are the most adequate shoes for hammer toes since they have a larger forefoot area that can let all the toe fingers to move freely from one to the other anytime you are walking or standing. We all know the importance of the toe fingers to the stability levels. Shoes that are giving you more space for the toe fingers are automatically reducing the pain felt and triggered by your hammer toes condition.

Which are the shoes to avoid when having hammer toes?

There are shoes that you should definitely avoid when suffering from hammer toes. These shoes are primarily high heels and sandals. The high heels are elevating the heel area sending much of the bodyweight to the forefoot area. This is where the hammer toes pain is created and it could be very hard to control such an intrusion to your forefoot anatomy.

Not to mention, that the sandals are equally responsible for the hammer toes aggravation when worn in the wrong places. Sandals are to wear when being on an excursion or at the beach. However, when worn at the office environment they provide zero protection and support to the heel and ankle area, sending all the pressure to the toe fingers to stabilize the body.

You have to be extra cautious when selecting a new pair of shoes when you are suffering from hammer toes.


Hammer toes have been a hard condition that affects many people these days. The selection of the best available shoes is the road to success for all this diverse population. Keep in mind that when you are opting for the most comfortable shoes then you will be able to improve your condition in a matter of days.

There is no need in being tortured from hammer toes when you have the solution ready on your plate. Get the best sneakers to feel comfortable and protect your precious toes by giving your feet more room to move.

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