How Do I Know if I Have a Dental Emergency?


Delays in getting professional dental treatment can make the difference between keeping your tooth and having to remove it. So, how do you differentiate a dental emergency from a routine visit to the dental clinic? Unless you have proper knowledge of the situations that come under the category of dental emergencies, it’s challenging to make a sound decision.

While you can reach out to your emergency dentist Vermont at Teledentistry 24/7, it pays to understand the vitality of timely medical intervention. If you aren’t aware of the situations when you need to see your dentist urgently, we have got you covered in this article.

Common signs to identify a dental emergency

We have explained certain circumstances when you need to consult a dentist immediately.

1.   Sudden loss of tooth

Accidents, falls, or chewing a hard item can lead to a sudden loss of your tooth. Besides enduring intense pain and bleeding, you would repent for the loss of the cosmetic charm on your face. So, consult the experts immediately if you find your tooth falling out. Prompt medical intervention can help you get the tooth replanted.

Established professionals administer the right medicine and dispatch the prescription directly to the pharmacy. This ensures that you can seek medical attention instantly after the loss of your tooth.

2.   Bleeding from your gums

Have you regularly been ignoring bleeding gums when you brush your teeth? Well, you might be having a gum disease like gingivitis. When you floss your teeth, you might also notice an ache in your gum accompanied by swelling. Besides, you might have an unpleasant smell in your mouth. Treating your gums is essential, which explains that you should seek immediate professional attention.

Remember, delayed medical treatment of your gums can cause irreparable damage to your teeth. So, emergency dental treatment can protect your facial beauty.

3.   Swelling in your mouth

In case you have an infection in your gum or any part of your oral cavity, you might experience swelling. A mouth infection can turn out to be serious enough to be a life-threatening ailment. Make sure not to delay your dental treatment. Whether you experience swelling of your gums or have lymph nodes on your face, reach out to the experts immediately. Also, inform your dentist of the duration through which you have been experiencing these issues.

4.   Extreme toothache

Toothache can be excruciatingly painful. You might not know the reason for this pain. You might have a few cavities, or your pulp may be exposed to infection. Throbbing pain in your tooth can keep you awake over the night. Sometimes, the pain shoots toward your jaw, neck, and ear, leaving you in tears. This is a serious dental problem, and you would like to relieve yourself from the discomfort at the earliest. Besides, a toothache can lead to facial swelling and sensitivity in your mouth.

Consulting emergency dentists can mitigate pain in your mouth and comfort you. Generally, dentists recommend getting some X-rays done to find out what’s wrong. In case you experience a severe toothache, make sure to seek medical attention immediately.

5.   Popping jaws

Sometimes, you might be unable to move your jaws. It might get locked, resulting in pain around your mouth. Besides, you may notice a popping sound in your jaws. A slip in the jaw can result in these situations, which need immediate medical attention. When you chew food, you might experience pain.

Along with this, there might be a grinding noise in your jaw, limiting your movements. Consult a dentist immediately and seek proper medication to avoid such issues. In case you have TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders, the experts would help you overcome the pain.

6.   Metallic taste

Have you lately been experiencing a metallic taste in your mouth? Maybe you have a dental filling or crown, and it’s becoming loose. Make sure to get emergency dental care to treat the condition. Losing your dental crown would expose the underlying dentine and pulp to infection or cavities. Delaying dental care can also require you to undergo a root canal process. This would be more complicated and expensive, which explains why you need to consult your dentist immediately.

7.   Growth in your mouth

Under ordinary conditions, your mouth shouldn’t have any soreness or growth. In case you detect an internal growth in your mouth, it can indicate the possibility of oral cancer. So, if you can feel this growth with your tongue and it refuses to go away, make sure to consult an emergency dentist.

The professionals deploy advanced technologies to carry out cancer screening. Once they examine the abnormalities, they would recommend the perfect line of defense against the ailment. Remember, around 54,000 US citizens will likely be diagnosed with oral cancer in 2022. The numbers speak tons about your chances of getting the disease.

8.   Broken or cracked tooth

Besides causing pain, a cracked or broken tooth might result in discomfort. Besides, a broken tooth may leave sharp edges that scratch the internal areas of your cheeks. Consulting an emergency dentist to treat broken or cracked teeth is imperative. Ignoring the problem can aggravate the situation. Whether you realize a sudden chipping of the tooth or a cavity leading to a cracked tooth, don’t delay seeing a dentist.


Now that you know when you should consider a dental issue an emergency, you can seek professional support online at Teledentistry when required. In case you experience abnormality in your mouth, gym, or teeth, don’t delay seeking medical attention. Early detection of your dental problems can reduce the complexity of the treatment in the long run.

Naturally, you would also be shelling out fewer expenses for dental care. Reach out to the experts at any hour of your convenience and needs. With experienced dentists available 24/7 to help you, getting professional dental care won’t be an issue.




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