How Difficult Is It to Install a Garage Door?


The temptation to take on a garage door installation project yourself can be intense. But could it be a case of biting off more than you can chew? Is it as hard as the pros make it seem? No. With the right approach, you can get the hang of it in no time.

Even so, the team at Chicago Garage Door recommends a professional installation. So, what factors can complicate the process, especially if you go it alone? Here’re a few:

  1. Type of Garage Door

Generally, a manual garage door is easier to install than an automatic one. The fact that you don’t have to deal with wiring or programming makes the task a lot simpler. Besides, automatic doors require springs, openers, motors, and many other components that can be difficult to install.

Similarly, the door may have other features such as insulation, windows, and whatnot. Such customizations can make the job more tedious and involving – as you try to figure out a way to fit all the jigsaw pieces together. Instead of wasting your valuable time, why not have someone who knows their stuff handle such an installation?

If you’re handy, you can handle a manual door, but it’s advisable to have someone help if it needs adjustments. Still, if you’re not DIY-inclined or you’re unsure if you’ll get it right, consider hiring a professional. They can deliver the goods without a hassle.

  1. Door Size and Weight

Picture this: you buy an oversized door and try to install it alone. Sure, you have all the right parts – but the door’s weight is too much for you to handle. Nobody needs that kind of stress!

Even if you successfully get it up, the weight can be too much for one person. Besides, your attempts to fit it could lead to permanent damage. We haven’t forgotten that you could easily get injured – and we’re all aware that ER visits cost a tidy penny.

Now, what if we throw the wind into the mix? Installing a heavy door as the wind blows can be problematic, even if you’re dealing with a manual door. If you don’t want to take chances, call for reinforcements.

  1. Experience

Your mechanical skills can come in handy during the installation process. Assuming the measurements are right, the right tools are available, and all the components are in order, you can get it done.

But what happens if something goes wrong? Even worse, when only one thing is left to do, and you can’t figure out what it is? Maybe you forgot to leave ample room for the opener – a real bummer! What if the springs you install are not within the manufacturer’s specifications?

Well, that’s why professional experience matters. A competent installer can identify a potential landmine way before it explodes – and fixes the issue before the job is done. That way, you don’t have to fret about a do-over and the related costs.

Simply put, there’s no way you can compete with a professional installer’s level of experience. They know all the tricks, and since it’s not their first rodeo, they’re used to various challenges and understand the job.

  1. Location and Surface

The location of the door is critical during installation. Is it located close to a window or an obstruction? The surface of the floor can also make a difference. Uneven terrain needs additional components, which can be tricky to set up if you don’t have the skill.

Moreover, the garage door should fit perfectly in its designated spot – otherwise, the aesthetics will be off, or it won’t serve its purpose. Also, an uneven door won’t work if you’re using an automatic opener.

Sure, you could install it, but what happens if it works only for a few days and then stops? That’s why you need someone who knows the job inside out. You don’t want to pay for something that causes harm or doesn’t serve its purpose.

  1. Warranty

I know what’s on your mind, “what is the link between warranty and installation?” When you hire a professional installer, they usually offer a warranty. That means they can rectify an issue without charging extra money within a specified duration.

Conversely, you’re on your own when you opt for a DIY approach. What’s more, most manufacturers require a professional to install the door as a pre-requisite for any warranty claims. They understand the job’s complexity and prefer to cover only professionally-installed doors.

Installing a garage door isn’t rocket science – but it still requires some knowledge, experience, and dedicated effort to pull off.  Otherwise, it can be a tricky affair. Even if the measurements are correct, the process could still go wrong. Hire a professional installer to avoid mishaps while ensuring a quality job.


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