How Ancient Cupping Therapy Heals Your Body

In this modern era of medical science, many people are unaware of the incredible benefits of cupping therapy on human health. The western science claims it to be the complementary therapy but not recognize it as a part of western medicine. But, cupping therapy is found to be an effective treatment for the maintenance of body functions.

The therapy works like a life insurance calculator. When people know more about life insurance calculator in Australia they started using it, but it deals with the life cover and does not specify the type of insurance. Cupping works the same way. It provides the overall health cover rather than being specific in its mode of action.

Before discussing cupping therapy, we should know that:

What Is Cupping Therapy?

It is a type of procedure in which cups are being placed on specific pressure points, and the suction is made against the person’s skin.

Cupping Therapy Types

There are two types of cupping therapy.

  •       Dry cupping therapy
  •       Wet cupping therapy

Wet cupping therapy is more effective than dry cupping therapy. Because in wet cupping therapy deoxygenated blood is withdrawn through suction which clears the circulatory pathways of the body.

How Cupping Therapy Works?

When the suction is made against the skin, the pressure releases the muscle tension which provides relief to the person. Moreover, if wet cupping is being made the needle pricking works like acupuncture and stimulates the nerves. The removal of deoxygenated blood from the body reduces the inflammatory activity inside the system and helps to heal your body.

Cupping Helps with Muscle Pain:

Cupping therapy is known to be effective in pain relief. The therapy works like magic when performing on the skin which reduces muscle tension and inflammatory activity which is considered to be the major cause of pain.

Cupping Helps with Stress, Anxiety, And Depression:

Many of you don’t believe it, but cupping is found to be very effective for the nervous system. It helps to remove body toxins, enhances circulation, and relieves the symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety.

Cupping Helps with Uric Acid:

Wet cupping is found to be very effective for hyperuricemia. Cupping therapy with the use of a balanced diet neutralizes the acidic nature of the blood and is very effective to reduce high uric acid in the body.

Sports Recovery:

You know many athletes use cupping therapy as a part of their recovery practices because it is known to be an effective treatment for sports recovery.

Side Effects:

 Some side of cupping therapy can occur i.e.

  • Skin discoloration
  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Scarring

But this doesn’t mean that cupping therapy is dangerous. Cupping therapy is found to be very effective, but you should be careful that you are going to a registered and good practitioner who has knowledge about the specific pressure points of the body and is adopting all the hygienic measures before starting the therapy, i.e. using sterilized blades and cups and adopting a clean environment.

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