Hot Accessories To Try in 2020


Trends are always changing, and while it may seem like a lot to keep up with to some, for others it can be a fun way to switch up their look and explore new styles. While not every trend may be your taste, trying new things and finding fresh ways to accessorize can be a fun way to express your personal style. If you want to spice up your look without replacing your wardrobe or making any drastic changes, here are some things to try. 

Try New Kinds of Jewelry

Accessorizing with new jewelry can be a simple and small way to make big changes to your outfits and overall look. This spring, bold colors are a popular option, and many runways are featuring a wide variety of multicolor jewelry. From chunky color-blocked bangles to earrings featuring multiple kinds of gemstones, there can be lots of ways to try out this trend. Floral motifs are also popular this spring, as are pearls worn in unconventional ways, and chunky chain necklaces. However, some more traditional styles like simple diamond rings are also in style as well. When shopping for more delicate or refined jewelry, knowing the difference between a lab-created diamond vs real diamond can be helpful. Big hoops are another trend that never seemed to go away but are coming back in a new way this season. One way that hoops are being updated is by being available in new materials, like tortoiseshell.

Go for Trends in Handbags

Along with jewelry, switching up your handbag can be another simple way to give your look a change. With warmer months ahead, easy boho styles are making an appearance. This comes in many forms, from crocheted bags, to sling style and hobo bags. Woven bags made with natural fibers will likely be a staple for many fashionable people this upcoming season, as will wicker bags in unusual and creative shapes. As with jewelry, florals and floral prints, particularly vintage-inspired ones, are going to be popular this spring, too. Besides these, micro bags are having a moment and can be a great accessory for someone who is a minimalist and doesn’t like to carry anything on them besides the essentials. Bold colors will also be in style, like bright orange and other neon colors, as will bold shapes, like box-shaped handbags. 

Look Out for Hair Accessories That Are Making a Comeback

Hair accessories can be another easy way to switch up your look without having to make any drastic changes. This season, oversized headbands will be making an appearance. Oversized headbands can be a great accessory not only because they look cute, but also because they can offer versatility. With them, you can wear your hair up or down, in braids or a ponytail, or any other way that you want. Vintage looks are also making a comeback, one of the most popular being scrunchies. While you may not have worn a scrunchie since the 90’s, they are in style once again. However, unlike in the 90’s, they are coming in a wider variety of forms. Extra-large scrunchies are one example of a modern update, as are scarf scrunchies, which have silky patterned fabric attached that you can leave loose, tie around a bun, or weave into a braid. Just like in jewelry, pearls are going to be a popular trend for your hair, too. On the runway, pearl-studded hair do’s have made frequent appearances. While it may not be practical to stud your hair with pearls, you can get in on this trend by wearing a pearl-encrusted barrette, hair clip, or headband. 

The Final Word

Accessorizing may seem like a lot of extra work to some, but for others, it can be a fun way to express themselves and play with their style. While all new trends may not be for you, playing with fresh looks that are outside of your comfort zone could be an easy way to explore your personal style and have some fun. 




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