Home Energy Saving Tips for Summer

The summer time provides plenty of fun and things to do outside. However, when you have nice weather, this can make your house warm. Along with this, the summer brings certain qualities that may tempt you to waste energy. However, you can follow these energy saving tips for summer to lower your electric bill.

Open Your Blinds

You may want to use electricity to light rooms when you’re in your home, but you don’t need to during the summer time. The summer can easily bring light into your home so that you don’t have to use your lights. This will save you energy while allowing your light bulbs to last a longer amount of time.

You can open the blinds to let the sunlight into your home. This will keep your rooms lit up without you needing to turn lights on. While you may need to turn on the lights during the evening, you will still go a large portion of the day without using electricity. As you continue doing this, you will save yourself money. 

Use Your Windows and Doors

Some people may feel like their home gets too warm during the summer. If your home gets warm, you may feel like using your AC. However, AC uses up a ton of electricity, so you should leave your windows and doors open to let cool air in. This works effectively if your area commonly gets wind and breezes.

By leaving the doors and windows open, you can get cool air into your house. Once you get it to the temperature that you want, close the windows and doors so that the air stays in your house. This should help you to keep it at the temperature that you want. Open them when it’s colder outside than in your house and close them afterwards. 

Wear Light Clothing

Heavy clothing and dark colors can cause you to feel warmer when you’re in the summer. Make sure to wear lightweight shorts and shirts so that you can help your body to cool off. Basketball shorts and thin shirts with light colors work wonders during this time of year.

This is because light colors reflect the sunlight while dark colors absorb it, so dark colors heat up quicker. Also, lightweight clothing won’t store as much heat in them, so wearing them should help you to keep your body temperature down. This will help you to remain cooled off so you don’t use the AC as much.

Drink Water 

Many people forget to drink water during the summer time. You want to drink more water than you normally do since you may sweat and become dehydrated due to the heat. To add to this, you will feel colder as you drink more water, especially if you keep the water cold.

As you drink water, you will keep yourself hydrated so that your body doesn’t feel as warm during the summer. Even if you spend most of the day indoors, the heat can affect you in your home. Keep water sources close to you and drink some water whenever you feel parched. This should help you to keep yourself cooled off and to avoid AC. 

Go Outside

This may seem simple, but going outside will allow you to save energy in your home. Think of it this way: if you spend less time in your home, that’s less energy from you running the fans or any electronics you may use while inside. This gives you the chance to save energy and money since you won’t be in your home as often.

Consider doing cheap or free activities while you’re outside. For example, you could visit a local pool or go on a hike. As you try out these different activities, you should be able to have fun and enjoy the weather outside. Look at different options in your local area to find something for you to do. 


The summer time can present some problems that make you want to use more energy, but you can avoid that. As you follow these tips, you’ll save energy and save some money in the process.

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