HIV Testing: A Diagnosis for HIV Infection

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is one of the fastest spreading virus in the world but unfortunately, is also one of the most less talked about especially in conservative countries like Singapore. HIVis a sexually transmitted virus that weakens the immune system. That is why men and women, sexually active or not, should know about its symptoms, diagnosis, risks, and treatments.

This particular article will talk about HIV diagnosis – HIV Testing in Singapore.

What is HIV Testing?

The only way to determine if a person has HIVis through testing or screening. It is performed specifically to detect antibodies and identify the presence of HIV in blood or other fluid samples from a person.

Who should get tested?

It is recommended that sexually active persons should get tested at least once. However, these people who are more at risk of acquiring HIV, and should get tested more often:

  • People who have several sex partners
  • People who have unprotected sex with someone who is suspected to have HIV or high risk for HIV
  • People who have injected drugs withused needles

Why is it important to get tested?

HIV is incurable but there are available ways to suppress the virus especially if detected at its early stage of infection. Studies show that early detection in HIV patients lessen the chance for them to have Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), which is the final stage of the infection.

If you suspect of having HIV, it is important to get yourself tested to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Where should I get tested in Singapore?

There are many hospitals and clinics that offer. However, it is recommended to visit DB Clinic, a one-stop shop clinic that offers the best needed for men, women, and sexual health.

Male Sexual Health

Sex problems are typical among men and have severe influence on their aspect of life. In guys, sex dysfunction is a illness which holds one or more of sexually issues: poor sensual desire, sexual disfavor and loss of sexually pleasure and ED.  Sexual malfunction is a clinical diagnosis when sexual problems which are perpetual. Whenever they create impactful personal concern, not only temporary developments in sex behavior. In this paper, we make use of the phrase sexually issues to refer a slew of sexual problems said by boys that has decrease their sexually amusement.

Intimacy is a major part of life. For most guys, thinking about making love ahead of time, often before adolescence, and lasts until they pass.

Intercourse is just an extra hormone driven body function configured to keep alive mankind. In addition, it’s an enjoyable activity. It’s also business which contribute join the relations among lovers.

Sexual health refers to a nation of well-being that makes people completely strive in and enjoy sexual activity. A bias of physical influence man’s sexual wellbeing.

Prime man sexual health contains sexual lust and ability to reach a boner. Anatomy can effect both desire for sexual intercourse and the ability to have sexual relations, emotional factors also plays big aspects.

Male sex wellbeing is not wholly the missing of sicknesses. Erectile dysfunction ED is also failure to get a boner or to preserve it lasting enough for pleasurable intercourse. Diverse circumstances create erectile dysfunction, such as cholesterol-clogged arteries and many other conditions. In effect, it’s often a start warning sign for heart sicknesses. ED could be improved with meds. Males experience challenges associated to delayed ejaculation, or inability to have peak upon ejaculation.

Male sexual wellbeing addresses the avoidance and assessment of sex passed issues and the cure of impotence.

Learn more from Webmd about HIV Testing.

Men’s sterility, a topic that is scarcely addressed. Though, MDs observe an increase in the number of male sufferers going to sexual health clinics to seek treatment recently. Medical experts notice that numerous sexual health troubles are being reported by males that were not widespread before, demonstrating more consciousness about men’s sexual wellbeing.

Many male sexual well-being problems

Scientists acquired large information of 2000 publics who were continually checked by a sexual doctor around 2007 to 2015. The leading scientists found that 812 individuals were examined for E.D., 369 patients were detected for curved private part, 344 males had quick orgasm, 220 suffered reduced sexual desire and the balance had various sexual illness.

In this finding, the scientific experts realised that majority men were found with erectile dysfunction ED and premature climax. Nonetheless, lately males are diagnosed with nominal sex need.

With effective cure options for ED such as Viagra, men have been telling about other sexual dysfunctions as well.

Male infertility is biggest logic behind the growing figures of IVF events through the earth. Prior check-ups such as semen examination, were analysed to find out the peculiarity of sperm to fertilize. Nonetheless, resulting from the shortage of fitting indicative analysis for checking the enriching ability of men, many of impotence situations get named as idiopathic.

In a widespread research on internet, leading scientists from different universities in Singapore used Cap-Score to examine sperm capacitation.

This, a natural action, adjust its shape to be possible to enrich the woman’s ovum. The Cap-Score calculates the % of reproductive cell which meets capacitation in unquestionable time. Normally, 30% of sperm could experience capacitation.

In this examine, experts took sperms from 286 patients and checked their skill to procreate with help of regular sperm check. Among these patients, 124 couples became pregnant after 4 trials of injecting sperm within a lady.

The researchers discovered which individual with higher CS may inseminate efficiently.

You can take these ways to safeguard your sex organ health. E.g.:

Be sexual responsible. Use prophylactic or conduct a mutual relation with your wife which has checked and does not have HIVs.

Maintain bodily fit. Moderate physical exercise can fairly lower your possibility of ED.

Make healthy choices. Keeping a healthy shape can reduce the danger of getting high blood pressure and other danger factors for Erectile Dysfunction.

Maintain good hygiene routine. If you are not circumcised, frequently wash your foreskin with water.

Stop drinking, it is the greatest way to manage a healthy life

Not all sex issues able to be avoided. Still, systematically screening your sex organ will give you more awareness of the status of your penis.

It’s difficult to share sexual problems affecting your sex organ with your medic, nonetheless, do not let pride prevent you from managing of your physical state.

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