Here’s Everything You Must Know Before Buying Your First Luxury Bag


If the time has come, and you’re considering investing in a designer handbag, you’re probably overwhelmed. This is not surprising, after all, you’ve scrolled social media, you’ve looked at the websites, and now you’ve realised that there are hundreds of bag styles to choose from in the luxury market.

Buying bags is officially harder now than it was just twenty years ago, now you have so many options, and being indecisive is normal. After all, you are spending your money, so you’ve got to make sure you like what you get.

So here are the tips to keep in mind when considering your first luxury handbag purchase.

Points To Consider When Buying Your First Luxury Designer Handbag

Classic Over Trends

Classic designs are always in trend, especially when it comes to handbags. They can be matched with many looks to create unique styles, and often from day to night, so they have great value even today. So, before you get swept up in the cool trends hitting social media right now, remember that trend cycles mean that styles go out faster than normal, this means that designer bags can lose value quickly too. The last thing you want to do is buy a designer bag and have it sit in your wardrobe or resell for less in just a few months.

Go for Neutrals

Having a favourite colour is normal, mine is orange. That being said, I do not own an orange handbag, not even outside the luxury world. I like how designer bags come in eye-catching, bright colours, but they may be too much for your first bag. You need to consider cost per wear, which means that you have to choose something you will wear enough to justify the cost. This is not something that happens with an orange bag. So, to make your first-time purchase something you will wear as often as possible, going with a neutral is a great choice. This doesn’t mean any prints, because prints come in neutrals too.

Choose Styles You Love

If you don’t buy a bag style that you know suits you, and your style, you won’t wear it. This is a problem I see all the time, you see a bag on social media, and you buy it because it looks good. But it’s a tote bag, and you just don’t like bags without structure. Well, now you own a bag you won’t wear as often as you should. With this in mind, before you make a purchase, make sure you know what bag style you like, and this can be more than one style, and this will make shopping so much easier.

Have A Budget in Mind

Before you hit the purchase button, you should have an estimate of the maximum price that you are willing to spend on your dream bag. Make sure this includes postage in your budget. This is critical because bags vary in price due to colours & materials, even when they’re stylistically similar, so research becomes essential. Remember that salespeople will want you to buy more when you buy handbags for women, so know your budget and work within it.

Think of Materials

Not all the designer bags are leather and not all leather is made alike. So you’ve got to know what material you want.  Did you know that the Louis Vuitton Monogram Print isn’t leather, but PVC or canvas? There are other brands with super delicate leather that can be damaged for life if there’s just one scratch. Before you go ahead and make a purchase take the time to know where you’ll use the bag, what sort of material you need, and how durable it should be.

Know Where to Buy

Take my word for it, go to the boutiques if you can. Sit down, have the champagne and ask questions. This will help you know what’s going on and you can try on all the bags you like. Then you can make a better choice.

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