Guide to Lump Removal Surgery by Plastic Surgeon


The unusual formation of fatty tissue under the skin is a case of lipoma. It usually occurs in the subcutaneous layer. However, some patients can also have this abnormal growth in the muscles. Lipomas tend to be soft, covering a specific area of the skin. Although most of these are benign lumps without symptoms, people facing this issue can become conscious about their appearance, especially if it is close to the neck, face, arms, and back. One person can have multiple such growths and suffer tremendous pain if these affect the bony regions. 

  • Causes, symptoms, and diagnosis

While it is problematic to relate it to any specific condition or cause, lipoma can be inherited in most cases. In some circumstances, trauma and injuries can also lead to this. The oval or round-shaped growth can be a few millimetres to many centimetres. When you touch the rubber texture with a pinch or pressure, it can quickly sink into the skin without any issues. As mentioned, lipomas are generally painless. But their appearance in sensitive areas like the groin and armpit can cause concern. Doctors diagnose patients to confirm it is a lump and to rule out the chance of other ailments. They can ask you to appear for imaging tests, including MRI, ultrasound, etc. In rare cases, doctors suggest a biopsy to determine it’s a lipoma lump, not a harmful tumour. 

  • The most commonly affected skin regions by lipoma and treatment option

An experienced doctor can recommend lipoma lump removal surgery as the standard approach. But one must not worry about it. This skin condition is pervasive with about 2% of adults. People aged 40 to 60 typically face this problem. Also, this abnormal growth affects males more than females.

Nevertheless, lumps can form in any body part, such as upper back, neck, scalp, limbs, and abdomen. Removal can be challenging if these grow in awkward areas like the stomach cavity and joints. However, you must consult a reputable doctor to eliminate this problem. Surgical excision can be the typical way to eradicate those lumps. Small growths can be easy to discard under local anaesthesia. You will require general anaesthesia if the bumps are bigger and stubborn. Some doctors can recommend liposuction for removing lumps. However, expert Singaporean doctors say that it is less effective and efficient. 

Do you notice any unwanted smaller or larger bumps under the skin? Feel free to contact a specialist to understand the reason behind its development and how to remove it. If you are on any specific medication, such as blood thinners, you may have to stop the consumption after getting an opinion from your physician. Once removed, you can feel slight pain and bruising in the operated area for some days. 

These would disappear with time. Your doctor can prescribe analgesic medication in the initial days to make your journey with the treatment comfortable. The healing period for the wound can range from one to two weeks. Don’t bother about the scar left behind by the surgery. It will become faint with time. As for the surgery cost, you can use insurance to reduce your financial burden.




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