Guest Posting vs Blogger Outreach: Is There a Difference


Guest posting is a technique where you post your article on a website that you do not own. It is a method where you borrow someone else’s article. Usually, you link your site to the homepage to your author’s bio so that the satisfied readers can read more of your articles. So, in guest blogging, you get referral traffic.

On the other hand, in blogger outreach, you reach a blogger, so that he can create genuine and authentic content to promote your brand or services. He may specifically cover them as a company owner profile picture. Or he may write a list of the top 10 marketers and put your brand on the top list. He may promote an article containing a history of your brand. So, there are various ways he can cover your brand name to promote it.


About guest posting:

  • A significant number of businesses grew their traffic by 100% using guest posting. So, in 2018, 65% of business owners plan to increase their use of guest blogging.
  • According to the report of HubSpot’s Demand Generation, 47% of the customer checks 3-5 contents of a brand before engaging as a buyer out of which over 60% of buyer grows trust for the brand.
  • Almost 64% of marketers hire guest bloggers for writing their content.

In spite of having such immense scale advantages, only a handful of bloggers of 6% of the bloggers post the most of their created content as guest posts.

About blogger outreach:

  • According to Google trends and keywords analysis, the method of blogger outreach has increased 90 times since 2013.
  • According to the survey by Collective Bias, over 14k respondents, 30% of the customers are inclined to buy a product or services suggested by a non-celebrity blogger since they feel that the blogger’s opinion to be more authentic.
  • 49% of the business decisions are taken following the suggestion of the authority bloggers. This indicates that blogger outreach marketing is on the rising.

Advantages of guest blogging:

There are many advantages of guest blogging:

  • Brand Exposure: Since you are promoting your article through an already built brand, it increases your exposure and consequently built your brand as an authority blogger on a particular niche.
  • More Referral Traffic: Most of the websites allow the guest blogger the author to add a link to their website in the author bio. That means if a reader likes the article and wants to read more such blogs, he can visit the author’s website.
  • Backlinks: In some of the websites, in return for an article, the host of the site provides backlinks to the author, who is called link building. This link building is a crucial tactic of SEO and helps your website to rank higher.

Advantages of blogger outreach:

The advantages of blogger outreach are:

  • Brand Awareness: If your brand is still unknown in the market, if you outreach a blogger who has your targeted audience, he can help you to create brand awareness.
  • Quality Content: the quality of the content is the top priority of most marketers, and it has been agreed by 47% of them. So, if you reach an expert, he can provide you with a good stream of quality content.
  • Qualified Leads: When you reach a blogger who has a quite good influence over your targeted market to promote your brand, a significant number of leads get attracted who later get converted into a potential buyer.

What’s the difference?

Although both methods are an excellent way of marketing, still there lies a difference. It depends on what you choose.

If you want to build your brand as an authority blogger, then you should go with guest blogging. Not only it increases your social exposure but also helps in PR and network building. On the other hand, when in lack of time and resources, outreach is the better option.

Advantages like backlinks, traffic, download are the same in both cases.

But still, there is a difference in cost.

Most of the websites offer free guest posting while outreach marketing needs payment.

When you want the attention of the audience purely focused on the service or product that is promoted, then outreach is the better option.

But if you’re going to draw the attention of the audience towards the company and the writer then opting for guest blogging is the better option.

Let’s wrap up:

Ultimately, you need to decide which method of promotion is more suitable for your brand depending upon the goal of your company. While making a choice, you can take help from experience and trends. Or you may also choose both the method and divide your budget accordingly.




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