Global Energy Storage Deployment Predicted to Drop Due to Coronavirus


According to a Wood Mackenzie analysis, worldwideenergy storage expenses could be 19% lower than hoped for the residue of 2020 if coronavirus mollification attempt continue to lower  the travel of shipment chains.  Early estimates indicate there is a ten-present lithium-ion battery shipment reduction, capitally due to China’s work limitation measures.

The good news is now that China is slowly opening up its society again, and factories are getting back to business.  Wood Mackenzie senior research analyst Le Xu explained: “As of March, restrictions have been lifted and production facilities in China are now at 60% to 69% of a pre-virus level. As such, the major risks to battery supply have been somewhat mitigated.”

Researchers also say “a recession for 2020 is looking imminent and there will be additional pressure on-demand as consumers spend less on luxury high-cost items, such as residential energy storage”.

The reality of the risk involved in energy storage revenue streams, and the general lack of revenue options, hit deployments in China, the UK and Canada,” said analyst Rory McCarthy.

In Canada, the energy market is impacted by Ontario’s Global Adjustment charge, a fee which is used to fill the gap between the price as define in the wholesale market (HOEP) and the price essential to cover contracted generation, so participants have excited of this market or diminished deployment ambitions.

Although the energy storage market is unpredictable and the global pandemic has certainly caused a set-back, the industry is still set to gain in the future due to more pipelines and projects developing.

In Ontario, for example, Further efforts are being made to expand access to natural gas in rural areas and indigenous people. The Natural Gas Expansion Support Program was start down the entry to Natural Gas Act in 2018 to help extended supply to this energy source. The program inspires people to partner with gas distributor on new program and submit application to the Energy Board.

As decrement issue from the atmosphere continues to be a prominent think among world leaders, Canada and the Ontario natural gas company is rated extremely in innovation and usage of cutting-edge tech aimed at shorten environmental impact.

As the worldwide economy continues to confide maintainable energy to give the services and goods the world required, the market for global energy and worldwide energy storage is expected to be high in demand.


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