Glass Chandeliers – 3 Things You Need to Know

Tips on How to Choose and Maintain Glass Chandeliers

Lighting is interior decoration “make-up artist”, creating comfortable multilevel spaces in various needs. A particular example typically seen in homes living rooms and hotels is one of Chandeliers. These modern decorative elements convey elegance and magnificence. If you’ve been wondering how to buy a chandelier, just read these tips and you’ll find that buying a chandelier is as easy as buying coffee.

Reasons behind the choice

In terms of performance, a glass chandelier is the first option, as it possesses as main feature a high intensity of illumination. Its excellent resistance to high temperatures makes it operate safely and reliably. Furthermore, it’s eco-friendly, not containing lead, mercury, and other harmful elements.

As for appearance, glittered and translucent surfaces give it both a modern and classy look. It can be differently realized to match alternative furnishing styles. For these reasons, it has become the default option for homeowners and interior designers.

How to make the decision

Apart from picking the design that better suits the bedroom, there are other considerations to be taken into account.

In the first place, the chandelier size and location need to be verified by measuring the length, width, and height of the area. For instance, a chandelier with a diameter of 50 cm should be placed roughly at 150 cm distance from the ceiling, and it would fit well in a 250×300 cm room.

Another primary concern is about the glass chandeliers’ quality. Look out for top glass material judging it based on its’ brightness and colorations. Also make sure of the other relevant components as plastics to be appropriately insulated and fire-resistant.

Finally, pay attention not to hang it on damp ceilings to avoid it falling off. Make sure to run periodical checks.

How to maintain and clean

After purchasing a glass chandelier, keep in mind that as dust accumulates on it, it may affect not only the appearance but also the brightness of its lights. Generally, make sure to clean every 2-3 months.

Given the extreme fragility of the materials, attention needs to be paid to maintain the distance between the holder and the bulb during wiping and disassembly.


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