Getting rid of garden and garage waste with skip bins in Brisbane

When people say “home cleaning”, we usually think of indoor tasks such as sweeping the floors, wiping the vases and glass windows, and vacuuming the carpet. But home cleaning spans beyond the four walls of your indoor home. It includes clearing outdoors, including the garden and the garage.

Complete property cleaning allows you to ensure a clean and orderly space for your family to enjoy. A clean home can help relieve stress, ensures safety especially among children and prevents accidents from occurring.

But usually complete home cleaning means getting rid of a hefty amount of junk. If you’re living in Brisbane, the seasonal changes demand you to clear fallen branches, grass trimmings and leaves. Well, you can use garden vacuum Clearing fallen leaves. On top of that, events, holidays and sales probably cause you to purchase and stack different items in your garage just in case you need them some time.

If you’ve finally made up your mind about cleaning your home and property, hiring mini skips in Brisbane is the best option for you. It makes waste disposal much easier and more efficient. And when done properly, it can be eco-friendly too!

Using skip bins for property cleaning

Skip bins are the convenient option for disposing of waste.  They’re durable and able to carry a large amount of waste in one batch. In Brisbane, there are waste removal companies who offer skip bins for a cheap price.

These companies work by offering a variety of size options for skips, and deliver them to your place so you’ll simply need to dump the garbage inside. Once the bins are full, the company will sort the waste collected and transport it to recycling centres or the local rubbish dump.

How to know which one is right for you

As mentioned earlier, skip bins come in a variety of sizes. Some companies have them as small as 4m x 4m x 4m, and as big as 25m x 25m x 25m. Your choice of bins should depend on the amount of rubbish that you’re planning to get rid of.

The amount of skip bins you’ll use for the job is equally important in getting it right. Remember that your waste will be transported from your home to the rubbish dump, so your bins cannot be overweight.

Overloaded bins make it dangerous for the truck driver to maneuver the vehicle and the bins while on the road. This can make the transportation process accident-prone.  Each bin should, therefore, have the right amount of garbage for easy and safe transportation.

Benefits of skip bin hire in Brisbane

There are many different skip bin hire companies in Brisbane that offer high-quality bins that you can use for cleaning up. But more than just having a container to load your rubbish into, using skip bins has a number of benefits when it comes to extensive cleaning.


There are many companies in Brisbane that offer cheap skip bins and professional waste disposal to the rubbish dump. But what’s great about having professionals help you do the job, is that it allows you to save more compared to the amount you would spend if you do everything on your own.

If you hire cheap skip bins in Brisbane, you won’t have to purchase your bins from the store. You will also no longer need to spend on petrol for the trips to the rubbish dump since professional waste removers can transport them for you.


As mentioned earlier, skip bins come in various sizes and you can hire as much as you need. Once you order your bins, they will be delivered to your location. You’ll only then need to dump your rubbish, and let the professionals sort them and take them to the rubbish dump.

Cleaning can be time consuming and energy draining, more so when you clean an entire garage and garden. Having the right tools and professionals to help you do the job makes it a little easier and faster to complete.


Let’s say you have your all your rubbish in the bin. All the twigs and leaves are in one pile, and next to it are the bicycle parts that you can no longer use, and a few other items from the garage. What now? Typically, if you do the entire process on your own, you’ll have to segregate all your rubbish. One pile for the yard waste and another for steel, concrete, and e-waste.

However, when working with professionals, they can handle the sorting part for you, along with the transport of the various piles of rubbish. They’ll ensure that what reaches the rubbish dump is appropriate. The rest can be forwarded to recycling centres or used for composting.

Fast clean up

As mentioned earlier, hiring skip bins will make the entire clean-up process significantly easier for you. Once you have your bins, you can work on your own or get the kids involved in the clean-up process to make it easier. After that, you can enjoy the rest of your day knowing that your rubbish will be taken care of by someone else.

What to do when you skip hire in Brisbane

Since we’ve already discussed the benefits of hiring skip bins, it’s time to delve into the do’s and don’ts when hiring bins from professionals. Yes, much of the task you’ll have to do involves dumping rubbish into the bins. But there’s a proper way of doing it.

Ask for advice if you’re unsure about what size and how many bins to order

Not sure how many bins you should order, let alone the size of each one? Skip bin and waste removal companies offer consultations on what is the most appropriate bin type and size for your project. That way, you won’t have to spend money on skip bins you won’t end up using.

Know what to put inside the bins

When cleaning your garage and garden, always make sure to practice proper waste disposal. This means disposing of the type of garbage that is accepted by dumping sites and recycling centres. Please do not throw liquids and potentially hazardous materials into the bins.

Balance the load in the bins

As mentioned earlier, loading the bins on all sides is important to ensure its stability during transportation. Unbalanced bins can subsequently cause the vehicle in which it is mounted on to lean on one side, which could pose danger for all the drivers on the road.

What not to do when you skip hire in Brisbane

When cleaning your garden and garage, you can expect to deal with different types of waste materials. However, not all types of waste can be dumped into your bins. There is also a proper way of dumping them into the container to ensure that the trash will be safely transported and processed. Here are a few things you should not do with skip bins:

Do not dump toxic chemicals in the bin

Do not dump oil, asbestos, petrol and other hazardous chemicals into your skip bins. These types of waste require special attention from licensed professionals and should be dumped by professionals who have the right protective clothing and materials.

Do not overload the bins

Okay, so you have quite a lot to take away to the rubbish dump. But remember that if your bins are full, it is highly discouraged to push garbage in to make room for more. Doing so may result in transportation issues. This is why it is important that you select the right amount of bins and the right sizes to ensure that you get enough of them to properly dispose your trash.

Disposing your rubbish

Getting rid of any rubbish in your home, whether outdoor or indoor, should follow the proper protocol for disposal. Doing so will help ensure that the total amount of trash that reaches the rubbish dump is significantly lowered.

Proper waste disposal is not just about having a clean home, it’s also a reflection of how much you care for the environment. Global warming is upon us, and it’s important now, more than ever, that we take deliberate actions to help lessen its effects. And the best way to contribute to helping take care of the environment is through following the right methods in handling your waste.

Responsible handling of waste is a win for you, your community and the environment. Having a clean garage and garden area can help you gain peace of mind and clear thinking. It will create an environment in your home where you can freely relax and move around, knowing that the coast is clear.

It will also benefit your community as it will ensure that the trash from your area is properly processed and sent to the right channels. Cleaning your garage and garden, and properly disposing of waste may seem like a small task, but it’s still a step towards a cleaner Earth.

If more citizens become accountable with their trash and how they dispose of them, we can effectively make a cleaner environment for ourselves. And small steps, when combined, can become a big step that can hopefully provide positive effects to the environment.

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