Get Ready to BBQ! Get Your Grill in Proper Working Order


If you’re suddenly up for a barbecue party, it’s time to break the barbeque grill out from the shed, dust it off and fire it up! If you were able to pick a 4 burner or a 5 burner type when you were purchasing a grill, you might have already known the countless grilling occasions you can host. You can imagine the backyard parties with your friends, or maybe you just want a great burger fresh off the grill. Make sure you treat your grill well, so it treats you well in return!

Here are some tips to make the most out of your upcoming barbeque experience!

  1. Take a look at your grill. It’s been sitting for months and it might be looking a little sad. Does it need a paint job? If so, sand off the rust spots and flakes first, and then spray with a special paint that’s made to withstand high temperatures. Make sure the cover of your grill is on tight and fits comfortably over the grill to keep the elements and insects out.
  2. Empty and clean the greased pan. You will want to do this frequently, but take a good look and make sure it’s sparkling before you fire up the grill for the first time. Spray the grates with cooking oil to prevent rust, and to prepare the surface for cooking. Remember to only clean the grates and parts when the grill is cold so you don’t get burnt!
  3. Look at your inside components. Take a look inside your grill. Over time, spiders and other insects can make a home inside, making it difficult for proper gas flow to the burners. Use a brush to clean away any debris that might be inside. Make sure you go over gas valves and burners to clear away anything that might have accumulated on it.
  4. Spray oven cleaner on greasy surfaces, loosen up the buildup with a wire brush and wipe clean with paper towels. Make sure you get all of the oven cleaners wiped off clean, you won’t want that taste on your steak, it’s not the most pleasant!
  5. Test the grill. Make sure the flames spread evenly, and check the charcoal for signs of wear. If they are in bad shape or collecting grease, throw them out and replace them.

Using a barbeque in the summer is a great tradition shared by many families. Whether you are entertaining friends and relatives, or just want to enjoy a quiet evening as a family with some burgers and hot dogs, make sure your grill is working properly for the best tasting food.




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