Flowmotion – leading the world, one cooking game at a time


After the widely successful Kitchen Craze and Cook It!, Flowmotion Entertainment Incorporated is back again with yet another exciting new cooking gamesBased on the virtual life of a restaurant owner, this game will have you dialed in within a matter of seconds.

The Best Of All Cooking Games

  • Flowmotion Entertainment Incorporated has been working on new cooking games for the entirety of its running. Back in 2014, when the company started, the co-founders, Dario Pavan and Ryan Yada made a pact that they would work night and day to provide their users with the best and most epic gaming experience.
  • Flowmotion has been running for a couple of years now and they have gathered a lot of experience making cooking games for free for both kids and adults. They have previously had wonders like Kitchen Craze, Food Court Fever, Pixel Paint, and Cook It! hit the Google and Apple Store.
  • The game employs top-of-the-list ideas and presents them in an awe-inspiring simulation with crisp graphics and a beautiful story.
  • Cooking Crush is an offline game. This means that you can play this cooking frenzy game without the internet. All you need is to download this game online. This will take only a minute. Then, once downloaded, you can start playing without worrying about not having an internet connection or running out of data.
  • Cooking Crush is a fan favorite. This is because this game is an improvement upon past games. The previous game Cook It! was very famous among players. This game has added features on top of the wonderful features of Cook It!
  • The game is all about socializing and having fun. That’s right! You can play this game with your family, your teachers, your classmates, neighbors, bandmates, cheer squad – you name it!
  • While most games are made keeping kids in mind. You can rest easy knowing that Cooking Crush is appropriate for all ages!

Don’t Be Sad, Be Happy

  • The best gift in life is a face filled with happiness. The best emotion in this world is happiness. The best wish that you could make in life is to be happy. Keeping your wish in mind, Cooking Crush brings you the best challenges and the best rewards.
  • Cooking Crush has Daily Happiness Challenges or Happiness Offer Wall in store for you. All you have to do is complete some basic tasks that require next to no effort. These tasks include smiling, deep breathing, listing things or people to be thankful for. Once these tasks are completed, you will be rewarded handsomely.
  • Your first reward is better mental health. The activities that are a part of Daily Happiness Challenges are meditative in nature. So, performing these activities will leave you in a better mood and headspace.
  • For finishing a challenge, you will be rewarded with in-game currency. Free money for feeling good!
  • If you think these Daily Happiness Challenges sound cool then you are not alone As of now, more than 3 million happiness challenges have been completed. Isn’t that amazing!

Helping Is Good

  • We should always help people. It is common knowledge that the world is unfair and everybody is leading very different lives. Some may have enough money to donate millions while some do not even know where to get the next meal. They do not have money to afford it. Knowing that there are so many people out there who do not have access to clean and healthy food breaks my heart. I wish there was something we could do.
  • Flowmotion has found a perfect solution for us all. They have partnered with a Canadian charity for children, Backpack Buddies. Together with this charity, they have vowed to donate clean, healthy food to children all across the globe!
  • Flowmotion has successfully served more than 45,000 meals worldwide. Will you help them cook up some more food for a good cause?




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