Fancy a new kitchen in 2020? Out with the old and in with the new

The New Year always gets people’s minds thinking about refurbishments and makeovers.  If you fancy a new kitchen but haven’t updated in a few years, you may not be totally in tune with current design trends.  Take a look at our top pick of the latest styles and designs which will be trending this year, to help you make up your mind – brought to you by

  • If the colour is back in the bathroom then it is also back in the kitchen. Navy units are trending set against a backdrop of crisp white tiles. Navy also integrates well with both marble and brass, also fashionable and on-trend for this year
  • Slab splashbacks, we are talking marble opulence here, a touch of drama and glamour in the midst of otherwise plain walls. If you can’t push the boat out for marble or don’t want the hassle then why not opt for wall panels which can be cut to fit in no length of time and don’t attract the high price tag either
  • Colour is back big time in the kitchen and not just in the fittings and units. Colourful walls can be created using tiling designs or you could opt for wall panels which offer a probably greater variety of options for a cheaper price and are a damn sight easier to clean too.  A splashback is the location of choice so making the colour a feature in the room, contrasting it with other more muted design
  • Will the appeal of islands never wane? Seemingly not.  Now the design is for a double island, one for preparation and one to eat at.  You can put a sink in one and line it up with the main sink so you have the effect of a double sink without them being side by side, very convenient for people who want to use the taps but don’t necessarily want to disturb the washer upper.  Two islands maintain traffic flow in the room much better than one larger island and are infinitely more flexible and versatile
  • Glamour and style is definitely on the menu, not at the expense of functionality and practicality but sophisticated is certainly ‘the look’ for 2020
  • Colour pops are the way to go, it might be vibrant stool tops or it could be a daring Aga in striking powder blue with a matching hood. Colour pops are occasional, they are colour where you least expect it
  • Gravity-defying islands are in, if you love your islands then why not opt for half an island with an extension which is both a stylish illusion as well as an all-round practical addition to the kitchen. These are great in kitchens where space is compromised and lose the ‘blocky’ look of some larger islands
  • Sterile grey and white are so last decades”, warmer tones are returning whether that is in the cabinets or the walls or floor. Wall panels can offer a natural look of wood, stone or brick introducing an artisan or urban vibe

Colour looks are fresh for 2020 and combined with new materials can create a super new kitchen at a very reasonable cost.

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