Face-to-face discussion with the photographer before the wedding is a must!


When it comes to your wedding day, many aspects of the process can seem overwhelming. You want to be sure of and do many things before your big day arrives. When working with a photographer, you must be able to communicate what you want your final images to look like up-front and have a trusted professional who will ensure that they come out perfect. Here are some things your wedding photographer should know.

  • What kind of shots do you want?

The number of shots you’re looking for will vary depending on your occasion. You’ll want specific images as much as possible, and others you may need to be pickier about. In contrast, marriage is still fresh in people’s minds rather than during the chaos of the evening. It is something that you and a professional photographer like Liam Smith Photography of London should sit down and come up with together—having this conversation before the wedding will allow your photographer to focus on what you want.

  • Give the guests list:

For your photographer to ensure that she is giving you the shots you want, she must know who needs to be in each of your shots. It includes guests in the background and those who will take center stage spotlight. It’s also essential that this information is given to the person before their wedding day, so they can go through their lists and decide on how many people they need present in each of their shots. When working with a new photographer, you’ll want to ask them questions about what they want out of their wedding day photos. It would help if you asked them how they work with the different aspects, such as dress styles, movement, etc.

  • What are your wedding rituals?

If you’re going to have a lot of guests at your wedding, it will be helpful for your photographer to know what kind of things you do before the ceremony and during the reception. It could include anything from a particular song or tradition you and your guests want to have to how you cut your cake. Your photographer will most likely be counting off on her toes, trying to ensure that she gives you everything you need for each period. While couples may have ideas of what they want their wedding photos to look like, they need to realize there are infinite ways these images can turn out.

  • Are there any surprises?

You may have some surprises for your guests on your wedding day. It could include something as simple as a song playing or a reveal of a special guest. Whatever you have planned to surprise your guests, it’s essential to ensure that your photographer knows about them ahead of time so that she can be in position and ready to snap shots at the perfect moment. Not only will this help her be prepared, but it will also allow her to give you the photos you want as quickly and efficiently as possible.


A wedding photographer who knows what they’re doing is vital to your wedding day photos. It would help if you chose someone who is professional and can work with you and your guests to get the shots you want quickly. When working with a new photographer, always ask questions about their process so that you feel confident ahead of time.


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