Explore Learning Beyond Classroom: Top Educational Tours in Singapore


Educational tours play a significant role in providing hands-on learning experiences to students. They bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical learning, foster curiosity, fuel imagination, and facilitate social interaction, which overall enhances the learning process.

Singapore is globally renowned as an educational hub, recognized for its high educational standards and advancements in teaching methodologies. The city-state boasts prestigious universities and international schools, making it an attractive destination for international students. For more information, you can visit this link: https://hidden.sg/pages/education.

The rationale behind exploring learning beyond the classroom

Explanation of experiential learning

Experiential learning is an educational approach where learning takes place through hands-on experiences. It focuses on the process of learning using critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making, enhancing understanding and retention of knowledge.

Discussion of the benefits of educational tours

Educational tours offer substantial benefits, including increased learning retention, hands-on experience, and motivation. They foster diversity, cultural understanding and critical thinking. Additionally, students enjoy the practical aspect, making learning fun and thus, ensuring better absorption.

Review of Top Educational Tours in Singapore

Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore is an educational and interactive institution dedicated to promoting scientific and technological learning. It offers more than 1,000 exhibits spread across 14 galleries, engaging audiences of all ages in hands-on exploration and discovery.

Details about the Science Centre

The Science Centre is a state-of-the-art institution dedicated to fostering scientific literacy and curiosity. It offers numerous exhibits covering various scientific fields, interactive learning experiences, science shows, and educational programs, all designed to engage and inspire visitors.

Highlight educational programs and exhibitions

Educational programs and exhibitions are significant in fostering learning and inspiration. They highlight interactive experiences, blending theory and practice, encouraging critical thinking and creativity. These programs include scientific exhibitions, cultural displays, and educational workshops which are engaging and informative.

National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore is the oldest in the country, highlighting its rich history and diverse cultural heritage. It offers creative exhibits showcasing Singapore’s past and contemporary socio-cultural landscape.

Introduction to the National Museum

Educational Tours Singapore is a leading provider of immersive and enriching educational experiences in Singapore. They offer tailored educational tours that cater to students, teachers, and curious individuals, providing a unique perspective on Singapore’s rich history, diverse culture, rapid technological advancements, and sustainable urban environment. Through specialized itineraries, expert guides, and hands-on experiences, Educational Tours Singapore goes beyond traditional sightseeing activities, ushering participants on a journey of discovery and learning in Lion City.

Showcase of its significant collections and their educational value

The museum offers a significant showcase of diverse collections that hold immense educational value. These collections range from ancient artefacts to modern art, each providing unique insights into various cultures, historical periods, and scientific phenomena.

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum in Singapore is renowned for showcasing Southeast Asia’s biodiversity. It houses nearly a million plant and animal specimens, providing an enriching learning space for natural history enthusiasts.

Information about the museum

A museum is an enriching place, showcasing various exhibits from ancient history to the latest scientific advancements. It houses a breathtaking collection of art, sculptures, artefacts, and digital displays, offering a captivating educational experience for all visitors.

Explanation of its contribution to science education

Science education’s contribution is immeasurable. It incites curiosity, encourages logical thinking, and develops problem-solving skills. It fosters a deep understanding of nature and technology, equipping future generations with the knowledge to innovate and solve complex global issues.

Singapore Discovery Centre

The Singapore Discovery Centre is a highly interactive museum showcasing Singapore’s historical journey. This edutainment hub offers dynamic displays, simulator rides, immersive films and creative workshops, fostering an understanding of Singapore’s culture and nation-building efforts.

Overview of the Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre is an interactive, educational hub for all ages designed to stimulate curiosity and a love for science. Through hands-on exhibits, immersive displays, and engaging activities, it nurtures creative exploration and lifelong learning in a dynamic environment.

Review of its interactive exhibits and corresponding educational impacts

The interactive exhibits offer stimulating experiences that effectively engage visitors, enhancing their comprehension of complex concepts. The corresponding educational impacts are significant, as they promote critical thinking, encourage exploration, and deeply enrich learning outcomes.

NEWater Visitor Centre

The NEWater Visitor Centre in Singapore is an educational facility showcasing the country’s journey towards water sustainability. Visitors can learn about water purification processes including the revolutionary NEWater recycling method through fun interactive exhibits.

Background of the Visitor Centre

The visitor centre is a crucial facility, typically found at important landmarks, museums and heritage sites. It is designed to provide tourists with pertinent information about the site, enhancing their overall experience by offering services such as guided tours, maps and brochures.

Description of its educational presentations on the water treatment process

The educational presentations offer comprehensive insights into the water treatment process. They cover different stages such as coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection. Through interactive visuals, they explain the mechanisms that help transform raw water into potable water.

Incorporating Educational Tours in Teaching Strategies

Educational tours enhance learning by providing a practical perspective to theoretical knowledge. Incorporating these as teaching strategies can broaden understanding, engage students actively, and foster their critical thinking and communication skills, making education more interactive and fun.

Ways teachers can integrate educational tours into their curriculum

Teachers can seamlessly integrate educational tours into their curriculum by aligning field trips with learning objectives. These excursions, whether virtual or in-person, can often be connected to various subjects, such as history, science, or literature, enhancing students’ learning experience.

Sharing strategies on how to make the most out of educational tours

Sharing strategies for maximizing educational tours include thorough research beforehand and active participation during visits. Engage in interactive activities, take notes of new information and ask questions. This ensures a fun, enlightening and truly educational tour experience.

Educational Tours Singapore FAQs

Where can I go for a learning journey in Singapore?

One can enhance their learning journey in Singapore by visiting the Science Centre, National Museum, ArtScience Museum, and the Botanic Gardens. These venues offer a wealth of knowledge, from history and culture to science and technology.

What is a study tour?

A study tour is an educational trip where students or academics travel, often abroad, to gain firsthand knowledge and experience in a particular field of study. It blends traditional learning with experiential, cultural immersion for a holistic education.

What is tour education?

Tour education refers to a form of experiential learning achieved through travelling. It enhances knowledge and widens perspective by exploring different places, cultures, and environments. It combines travel with educational experiences to facilitate learning.

What is an educational tour group?

An educational tour group is a group of students or learners led by educators on a trip designed specifically for experiential learning. These tours offer real-life experiences that augment the lessons learned in classrooms.




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