Everything You Need to Know about Vanity Numbers


Vanity phone numbers are the simplest yet most effective to take your marketing and business campaign to new heights.

In general, a vanity phone number is a toll-free or local number for which a business can request a memorable order of digits for marketing purposes.

Recent studies revealed that advertisers are projected to enjoy an 84 percent improvement in recall rates on a vanity phone number than numeric numbers shown on billboards, TV, or print.

Interestingly, a separate study by Somos also concluded that 76 percent of customers would likely remember your brand because of toll-free vanity numbers.

Further research around the topic also mentioned that 58 percent of customers prefer to dial a vanity 800 number over a numeric toll-free one to reach an enterprise.

How Do Vanity Phone Numbers Work?

In most cases, vanity numbers utilize digits arranged in an order that can make a statement for the company name or symbols of the business.

Likewise, vanity numbers can easily be used as local numbers with the relevant area code applied. Some examples are 847-333-3313 or 630-616-6166 for Illinois local areas.

Obtaining vanity numbers differs by the phone provider. More often than not, cloud phone systems allow anyone to have phone numbers through a web-based admin network.

However, businesses may have to submit additional paperwork to have a phone number provisioned to their accounts. Before submitting documents, companies are encouraged to check if their chosen digits are taken to avoid further delays.

Always provide as much detail as you can when requesting vanity numbers. For best results, inform the provider if you’re open to any 8xx area codes.

Also, don’t forget to evaluate plans from toll-free service providers. Keep in mind that toll-free numbers are only free for the caller but not for the owner. In other words, the provider will charge your account depending on the number of minutes your caller use.

Opt for plans that provide you with a set amount of minutes and charge you an increased rate for the overage. Alternatively, choose plans offering a flat per-minute rate to avoid hidden fees.

How Can Vanity Numbers Help My Brand?

Vanity phone numbers build credibility and reflect what you do to your customers. Anyone who sees your contact digits will immediately think that you specialize in what they need.

Sure, your business competitors might provide similar products and services, but your messages tell what you do in one fell swoop.

Findings show that 72 percent of people appropriately recalled vanity numbers after hearing a 30-second advertisement.

Moreover, research also said that more than twice as many customers remembered a vanity phone number than its web address after seeing both in print.

What are the Features of Vanity Phone Numbers?

An excellent vanity phone service will provide unlimited call groups with custom handling rules, endless call conference rooms, and customized greetings.

Besides that, an excellent vanity number service also offers customizable and advanced call-forwarding capabilities such as simultaneous ringing, time-based routing, and find-me-follow-me features.

Vanity numbers should also include voicemail services, advanced routing, and comprehensive analytics at no additional costs.




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