Everything you Need to Know About Intranet Solutions for Corporate Business


An intranet is a secure private network that is designed for internal communication and data sharing; there are many benefits for an organization when they set up an intranet system, which we will outline in this short article.

Remotely stored on secure servers

When you create an intranet for your business, all your data is stored on secure remotely located servers that are located at the provider’s facility. Of course, there are many powerful features that you can use and your network can be scaled up at any time. Top-rated company intranet software is user-friendly and offers many features.

Permission controls

Once your intranet is up and running, you can start to create usernames and passwords; you can create folders and partitions and allow access to those who need it. Marketing and sales can access their section, while bookkeeping and accountancy would require access to other data. Each employee has their own username and password that enables access to sections they are authorized to access. 

Real time video calls

Using your intranet, VoIP platforms such as Skype for Business and Zoom empower you to have real-time video calls with colleagues, customers, and suppliers. The intranet provider can teach your staff how to use VoIP platforms, plus you can record all calls from a central interface. You can hold virtual meetings with your sales team who might be spread throughout Australia and the cost of real-time video is low when compared to regular phone calls. Click here for information on running a successful e-commerce business.

Promote collaboration

It doesn’t matter where employees are located, everyone can collaborate via the intranet, as real-time updates keep all parties on the same page. Your management team can be anywhere in the world and you can call a virtual meeting whenever you feel the need. Zoom has many powerful features including a virtual whiteboard, file sharing, and record mode.

Seamless integration

You can integrate any software platform into your intranet, including social media, payroll, and accounting software; talk to a leading Australian company that designs and builds intranet solutions for their clients. Much like your company website, your intranet is never ‘complete’, rather it is an ongoing project that is continually being upgraded.

Bank-grade cyber-security

Your data is very important, which is why your network is monitored 24/7 by top-rated cyber-security professionals. You can rest assured that your data is always safe when you are using a top Australian intranet provider; an organization that is dedicated to keeping your business online and connected across all mediums.

Network Administration

A large company or corporation would employ a network administrator who manages the system, installs critical updates, and generally ensures that all is well. Maintenance is carried out in the background and your intranet is online 24/7 with instant access for authorized users.

The provider uses the best bank-grade cyber-security to protect your data and your organization will benefit in many ways from your intranet.




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