Evergreen Decor Ideas for a Modern Family House


Decorating your family home should be a fun and rewarding process. Of course, you want to stick to the timeless and traditional design but also add a dash of modern in order to add more personality and vibrancy to your place. The combo tends to work extremely well for stylish homeowners with kids. So, how can you go about this traditionally modern décor project?

Classic designs with a twist

Obviously, furniture is absolutely essential for your family home, especially when it comes to your living area. In this case, you want to stick to the classic timeless designs but maybe add a little bit of oomph with interesting colors. Of course, you don’t have to go for overly vibrant and striking shades when it comes to large pieces of furniture such as sofas – walls are there for that. But, you can go for mustard, burgundy, burnt orange and maybe even turquoise, as these shades bring life to the space without being too overbearing. What’s more, even though they’re bold, it’s rather easy to match them with other, more neutral details.

Add a bit of personality with smaller décor

While the furniture should feature classic design as this is definitely the easiest and the most timeless option that will fit well with family life, you can still play with more modern concepts thanks to smaller decorative bits and bobs. For starters, lampshades and covers are the perfect ground for experimenting with your style. What’s more, there are plenty of modern designs available on the market these days. The same goes for other accessories such as picture frames, wall art, and mirrors. And if you prefer to keep your rooms primarily neutral, you can bring in more warmth, texture, and personality with interesting round rugs. Their round shape will fare great against both the modern and traditional vibe of your place.

Stay away from clutter and go for plants instead

Wall art, a fruit bowl here and there and family photographs are all perfectly acceptable, but when you’re trying to decorate your family home, do your best to stay away from clutter. This is especially important if your kids are still young. A bunch of vases and figurines can only make a mess, disturb the style balance and actually present an accident hazard for kids running around. Instead, go for plants as the most effective décor alternative. Faux plants are very popular but if you want real ones, make sure that they aren’t toxic for kids. You can then use planters as an additional decorative element for your home.

Introduce the practicality of a family room

For most modern families these days, the basement seems to be the ideal space for creating their own family room. This is very beneficial for families who want to keep their home clean and tidy in a traditional manner and then have this rather modern addition where everyone will be able to get together, watch TV, play games, and kids will also get their own little area for playing instead of filling up the entire home with their toys and other knick-knacks. In that respect, if you can’t seem to find the perfect middle-ground within your regular space to fuse the modern and traditional concept and still let children play freely, making the most of another, possibly unused space for this purpose will definitely pay off.

Don’t be afraid of the contrasts

Traditional homes may not feature strong color contrasts but if you want to incorporate the modern vibe to your family living space, don’t hesitate to play with different combinations and create contrasts however you see fit. This goes for both the interior and exterior of your home. Doors and windows may have a classic family home design, but they can also be spruced up with more contrasting shades compared to the rest of the exterior. In a similar fashion, you can play with accent walls and moldings for the interior.

Before you start any project, especially a bigger one, don’t hesitate to discuss it with your family members. If your kids are a bit older to have their own opinions, make sure to include them in the discussion as well. That way, you’ll have more ideas to work with and everyone in your family will feel happy and appreciated.




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