Essay Writing Service: Is It a Reality or An Expectation?

In this article, you will get to know if essay writing service is a reality or an expectation. But, before we get to that answer, let us first look at the meaning of reality and expectation. Expectations are things that are considered likely to happen or to occur. For instance, people have certain expectations. One may expect that getting good grades in college will be easy because they performed well in high school. This is an expectation. This student hopes that when the time comes, they will score the highest grades.

On the other hand, the reality is the actual state of things. Something that has already occurred. It is not something that is likely to happen but something that has happened. The actual situation in life. Reality is not an imagination. For instance, a student may perform poorly in college even if they performed well in high school. The reality is that there is much more. One needs to work harder. Sometimes, one even needs help for instance from essay service to achieve desired grades.

Essay writing service as a reality

Now that we know the difference between an expectation and a reality, let us answer our question. Is essay writing service a reality or an expectation? Essay writing service is a reality. So, why are we saying it is a reality? Read on to see the proof.

  • Essay writing service started as early as the 1950s

Writing service has not just started. No! It started as early as the 1950s. During this time, advertisements for writing services were circulated around colleges. The services included helping students work on term papers, theses, and even dissertations. The introduction of other activities outside the classroom promoted the writing services. Students had limited time to focus on classwork. They needed some help. The trend continued where custom-essays were provided to students at an affordable price. These services were readily available near colleges.

With the improvement in technology, the writing services switched to online business. Since 2000, these services have been readily available online. With an internet connection, customers have been easily accessing the service.

  • Thousands of websites offer the service

Essay writing service is already in existence. There are thousands if not millions of companies, available online, offering the service. If you Google writing service, you will see thousands of results. Having more service providers means that there is a high demand for the service. The majority of these companies are legit. They help students with any problem in their academic life. This includes writing a quality essay on any topic, subject, and course regardless of instructor requirements.

It is however important that customers are keen when selecting a service provider. Not all writing services are reliable. Just as in any other industry, there are some people with bad intentions in the writing industry. These are people who don’t care about the well being of the customer. These people put more value on money. It is very important that customers avoid such websites.

The following elements show that a writing service is reliable

  • The writers are qualified and well-experienced (look at the writers’ qualifications on a company’s website)
  • There are guarantees such as quality content, plagiarism-free work, correct grammar, and timely delivery among others.
  • Several essay samples are available
  • Several customer reviews are available (positive and negative reviews)

Note! Don’t always go for the cheapest service. This would definitely be a wrong move. You know how the saying goes. Cheap can be expensive. In fact, if you spot a website that is offering a way lower price for writing service compared to others, take it as a red flag. Such services compromise on quality. They are more likely to deliver a paper that is written by an inexperienced and unqualified writer. It can get even worse where these companies give you a paper that has been delivered to other customers. In short, take your time before deciding on which essay service to work with.

  • Millions of customers have benefited from the service

We are saying essay writing service is a reality because millions of customers have already benefited. Students in high school, colleges, and graduate programs have already benefited from writing service. Various writing problems including starting an essay, formatting it, editing, concluding, researching it, and even structuring it have been addressed.

Since the service is readily available and accessible customers across the world have been greatly assisted. With just a click over the internet, many students have managed to solve their problems in essay writing. In fact, millions of students can confirm scoring desired grades by working with essay writers. They have not only learned greater writing skills but also managed to get a greater understanding of the course content leading to improved performance.

Essay writing service is a reality. Millions of students will continue benefiting from it. The most important thing is selecting a service that is reliable. We believe that you deserve nothing but quality work.

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