ENT Doctors: Treating chronic ear, nose, and throat problems

Singapore, famous for the respected quality of doctors, has a few main specialist clinics.

Ear Nose Throat Doctors

Having chronic problems with your ear, nose, or throat? Rather than going to your GP, you may proceed directly to a specialist that deals specifically with those parts of the body. ENT doctors specialize in Otolaryngology, a branch of medicine that addresses conditions, diseases, and disorders of the ear, nose, and throat, as well as other areas of the head and neck that may be related to this region.

ENT doctors spend years in studying the basics of medicine in medical school and goes on to get further specialty training and pass an exam in order to get certified as an ENT specialist. Aside from being able to do medical practice, ENT doctors are also able to perform surgeries on the ear, nose, and throat when needed. Aside from this, some ENT practitioners may also have subspecialties. Having a subspecialty means having to complete additional training on one of the areas of Otolaryngology that specialize, such as allergy, facial and plastic reconstructive surgery, head and neck surgery, Laryngology, Otology/Neurotology/Audiology, PediatricOtolaryngology, or Rhinology.

When consulting an ENT specialist (https://drdennischua.com/) for the first time, be prepared to answer questions relating to your medical history. This is imperative so as the doctor may be able to properly diagnose your condition and plan on the right treatment to manage and cure your condition. A test called nasendoscopy may also be performed. This test involves the use of an endoscope, which is a thin tube attached with a light and a camera at the end. This flexible tool is passed through your nose until the back of your throat so your doctor can assess the status of your nose, pharynx (throat), and larynx (voice box). Expenses incurred for this procedure may be reimbursed by your healthcare insurance provider.


Physiotherapy would be the study in addition to being therapy around the entire body to manage and mend parts of the patient’s body that have lost function due to other ailments or perhaps injury, including therapy for stroke persons. Within Singapore, physiotherapy has grown to be generally approved as the key therapy for therapeutics if the injury is sustained by you. The techniques in physiotherapy are wide-ranging, right from massages to dry needling. According to the trauma or perhaps situation is given, a good recommendation will probably be provided to you from the physiotherapist.

Physiotherapists are highly skilled professionals with spent at least 4 years in connected training before becoming able to gain vocational qualifications to practice within Singapore. Being a physiotherapist, the main project would be to ascertain the healing of agility and strength to the client. A variety of solutions like massages or supervised physical activities recommended in accordance with the individual’s circumstance. Often, it is a mix of a few therapies to benefit the entire body to heal in various ways. Wounds such as meniscus tears of numerous body parts or maybe rotator cuff rips generally happen when engaging in sports. Thankfully, physiotherapy has a wide variety of therapies readily available that will frequently benefit injuries suffered through sports. Grabbing a session with a physiotherapist around Singapore is tremendously cost-effective, and may be claimed against Medisave when prescribed by the physician.

The price tag for a common trip to the physiotherapist differs considerably, based on the clinic or perhaps physiotherapy medical clinic you choose to visit. Private industry physiotherapists will cost you about $150 – 190 for each physiotherapy treatment, in accordance with the solutions you choose. But, in case this is too costly, don’t lose hope as yet. Physiotherapy solutions are usually provided within public locations for instance, like hospitals in addition to medical-related centers. The expense for physiotherapy from this kind of institution would, needless to say, be significantly lesser.


Gastroenterologists are gut health doctors, a specialized sort of surgeon that dedicates to problems linked to the gut regions. To be completely identified as a licensed gut health doctor, several years of working expertise in applied techniques are essential. By a huge margin, the most frequent type of diagnostic action that people request during the course of a visit to the gastro-health practitioners would be endoscopy.

Endoscopy is actually the method of sliding a scope into the individual’s gastrointestinal tract to examine from the interior. There are various sorts of endoscopy, each treatment is intended for a unique part of the body. The gastroenterologist will then be able to decide the necessary endoscopy to have the best position for examination.

There is a multitude of reasons for a patient to demand a colonoscopy. Primarily employed to search for colon cancer, a colonoscopy would able to supply the medical doctor graphic signs of virtually any pre-existing cancer risks, quite often identifying them ahead of the people who are conscious of it themselves. During a colonoscopy, a scope on smooth, rubbery tubing enters the individual through the anus.  Like the manner by which colonoscopy is carried out, gastroscopy additionally requires inserting a scope with a camera stuck to the tip, inside the patient’s body During gastroscopy, the scope gets in throughout the mouth, and then meticulously operated by the gastrointestinal doctor. The imagery from the camera would then after be sent on the display screen attached, presenting a thorough visual on the health of the interior abnormalities of the upper intestinal system.

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