Electrolytes 101

What is way more hydrating than water alone? What can provide an array of minerals and nutrients for your body? Electrolytes. The nutrition from electrolytes is the key to keeping your body in motion without blockage or pain.

The Total Hydration Electrolyte supplement contains all the minerals and nutrients needed to keep you going all day long. Its packed with nourishing sea minerals that reach deeply into the body’s cells and hydrate every one of the cells.

The regular consumption of electrolytes in either food or supplements can be more hydrating than water. It can keep your nutrient levels from depleting as regular exercise tends to do.


What causes dehydration? Its a serious problem in our world that can be caused by factors such as taking medications, processed food, alcohol, heat, chronic stress, intense concentration, and dieting. All these things and more can lead to chronic dehydration that negatively impacts your health overtime.

Dehydration can be the secret symptom that festers for years and you don’t even know about it. Many people know about immediate thirst, however, they’re totally unaware of the more subtle thirst experienced by the rest of the body. You may not realize or even know you’re dehydrated until one day a random pain develops or premature aging begins showing.

What are a few signs of chronic dehydration?

  • Pains after exercising
  • Low flexibility in exercise
  • Sleepiness
  • Premature aging
  • Skin issues
  • Low muscle tone
  • Low immunity

What is the best remedy for sneaky dehydration? You may be surprised to learn that its not just simple water that fixes dehydration.

Water alone can’t solve the issue of chronic dehydration because water may not be enough for the body to actually hydrate.

The true key to hydration is the use of electrolytes in supplements and food. Using heavy doses of electrolytes each day can contribute to higher levels of wellbeing.


What are electrolytes? How do you get electrolytes from different sources? Electrolytes are basically common minerals found throughout the environment. Natural sea salt contains the most minerals and makes for the best electrolytes.

Sea salt is typically sourced from many areas of the world that harbor high amounts of the nutritious salt in your bottle and at the table. And this nutritious salt can contain up to eighty minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and selenium.

All the minerals found in sea salt and natural foods balance eachother out to create overall wellness. Taking magnesium and potassium together can help reduce pain levels after exercise. The minerals is different foods and sea salt really add up to help the body retain necessary levels of water without a problem.

Why are electrolytes the best for keeping hydrated?

  • Provide loads of natural minerals
  • Common in many foods such as fruit
  • Easy to bottle in supplements
  • They can improve the taste of water
  • …or improve the taste of anything their added to

Electrolytes are essential to your health and can keep dehydration at bay simply by adding them to water or taking them in supplement form.


Electrolytes are present in many foods. Sea salt, fruit, vegetables, sea water, and nuts all contain some amounts of electrolytes. The best minerals and nutrients are derived from sea salt that naturally occurs in areas where high amounts of other minerals are found.

You can experience the benefits of good hydration by simply adding in electrolytes each day to your supplement regimen or adding them to water or smoothies. These useful minerals are versatile so they go well with many drinks and foods. You can find that exercise is less painful and you have more energy with electrolytes.

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