Easy-peasy Ways to Make Beautiful Cradles for Parents

There are lots of things to prepare for parenthood, and buying a suitable cradle is no exception. It can be an expensive experience. However, there are ways to save up money if you know how to make use of the DIY skills you have. Of course, there are things you can make other than just cradles, for example,  a simple wooden toy, or maybe a dollhouse, etc.

You can get these small baby-related crafts everywhere, but it would mean the world to your kids when they grow up and know how much time and effort you spend on making these stuff.

Check out these five amazing DIY baby cradle/cribs ideas we have today. You are not likely to find these ideas in the stores, trust me on this one!

5 Gorgeous Baby Cradle Plans for Handy Parents

Moon-shaped Cradle

This is a great design to have in the house, and I bet your kid will absolutely love this cradle. A practical yet cute bedroom decor.

It is actually easier to make than what it looks like. You will need basic tools and materials such as wood, saw, jigsaw, screws, etc. You can take a look at zukzik.com if you’re looking for good quality saws. They have various types of saws for you to choose from there.

With the help of a friend or relative, this cradle will be done within a week or even days. So, gather all the needed tools, and let’s start building!

Rocking Cradle Made From Rocking Chairs

Don’t throw away your old rocking chair yet, because it will come in handy right now as we speak. It will not take up much time as all you have to do is join 2 rocking chairs and your rocking cradle is ready up to go.

What is better than upcycling things you don’t use anymore into a new bedroom decor for your kid?

Hanging Curtained Cradle

The hanging curtained cradle is recommended for those who like to challenge themselves a little bit. This is a unique and gorgeous design that you don’t often see in the stores. It is best for parents with small floor space who wish to have a suitable alternative crib.

You can choose whether to add the curtain or not. As for me, I think this design would not complete without the curtain. Besides, having a curtain will help to block the sunlight from the baby’s face in the noon or during nap time.

Portable Crib

Babies can fall asleep everywhere, so having a portable crib is a must for parents who travel a lot between places. It is still stylish and easier to carry than the classic folding crib as long as your baby feels comfortable.

You can still find these portable cribs on the market, but they usually come in white, and a bit pricey as well. Therefore, making one like baby cribs – My Babies Planet for your own doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all.

2 in 1: Baby Cradle and Side Rocking Chair

This is a unique and fun-looking design to have in your house. With this double-functional item, the baby will be able to enjoy the two benefits it provides at the same time!

You can rock the baby to sleep on the rocking chair and put him/her on the cradle right next to you. This is actually a brilliant design because having the cradle right there can avoid waking her/him up as you have to walk to the other side of the room to put them in bed.

In Closing

Making a cradle for your baby does not only save you some money, but it can also be an amazing experience and opportunity for you to learn using your hands and work with your partner.

A crib or cradle is the coziest place for your little one to nap, besides from the mother’s arms. Consider making your own cradles/cribs as they are beautiful and easy to make.

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