DesignEvo Tutorial – How to Make a Good-Looking Car Wash Logo


Are you looking for car wash logos for your car wash brand or system? If you are thinking about designing a new car wash logo for your brand or company and want to do it all yourself, you can read this article. Here is a helpful and straightforward tutorial on making a good-looking car wash logo with DesignEvo Logo Maker, a free and very easy-to-use online logo creator. 

As you can find online, many car wash logo makers offer the same high-quality service as logo design agencies do. Powered by AI technology, creating a logo with these logo design tools with logo makers becomes easy and friendly. They usually offer editing tools for you to pick and customize the pre-made beautiful logo templates. DesignEvo Logo Maker is one of the most famous logo creators to enable you to make a good-looking car wash logo yourself. 

DesignEvo Logo Maker has many in-built logo templates ranging widely from different fields like business, finance, law, nature, sports, fitness, technology, food, auto, and art. You can also get many templates from DesignEvo for car wash logos. You can choose the one you like and edit it directly to realize your creation. If you do not as any template DesignEvo offers, you can start creating from scratch. Millions of icons and shapes are available for you to decorate your logo. 

DesignEvo is easy to use, and it has a straightforward user interface. You can follow the tutorial below to make a good-looking car wash logo. 

Step One – Sign up for an account for DesignEvo and logo in. 

Step Two – Click “Make a Free Logo” and enter the template display page.

Step Three – Input “car wash” to search existing car wash templates.

Step Four – Choose an excellent template and click “Customize” to enter the editing page. You will notice three areas where editing tools and options are available. The editing work begins here. You are free to add text contents, icon images, shapes to the logo, and you can change their colors, sizes and position them in the right place. You can also change the logo background to bring the logo to the next level. 

I changed the background color into a more comfortable transition of deep blue and changed the text color and image color to match the background. I think it looks more stylish than before. 

Step Five – Preview the logo after you complete all editing. DesignEvo allows you to preview what the logo looks like on real stuff like T-shirts, notebooks, business cards, and walls. Once you find anything that needs revising, just return and redesign the logo. After everything is done and the new good-looking one comes out, click the “Download” button to save the logo. 

After trying DesignEvo, you will find how easy to create a great car wash logo. No graphic knowledge or no design experience is especially required, and you will make beautiful and professional logos with this free logo maker. 


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