Dealing With Aggression In A Memory Care Facility


Caring for someone suffering a form of cognitive anomaly is strenuous, perhaps not more than it is for the sufferer to perform day-to-day activities. Cooking, bathing, eating, even sustaining a conversation may become a hassle for any older adult that struggles to remember the time of the day. Add that to the emotional toll it takes on a family that has to watch their loved one suffer while caring for them—having such patients admitted to one of the best memory care facilities in Farmington Hills MI can relieve the family of a cocktail of emotions and weariness. The brochures promise to care for the patients and provide top-notch treatment where necessary. Gay and safe, the elderly ones will have you to thank for expert care at the memory care facility.

Nonetheless, there are complicated cases of aggression in some patients, especially the sufferers of memory loss. Hence, how a facility deals with aggressive patients purports overall value and worthiness.

Signing up your elderly at a memory care facility begins with severe scrutiny for upholding quality care and safety precautions. A memory care facility that sedates aggressive patients is not an ideal choice. Here are some prospects to consider whether a facility is suitable for your elderly:

Physical visit

Never send your loved one to a facility that hasn’t been physically vetted by you or any trusted person. From frequent visits, you can tell how the facility deals with behavioral changes. It will also provide an opportunity to evaluate staff response time. A delay, sometimes, might mean that the staff is inefficient while the reaction to minor incidents paints a bigger picture of the facility’s general modus operandi.

Since nighttime is when aggressive behavior is most likely to occur, you may meet with staff members who work night shifts. Visit them, if need to be, to understand their behavior and expertise in dealing with victims.

Especially regarding aggression, courteous, well-trained staff can make all the difference in general care.

General training

A frequently ignored parameter is the level of training acquired by the staff. Memory care facilities in Farmington Hills MI, where the staff is exposed to expert and periodic training are usually healthy environments. Do you want to know if the staff is specially trained to handle aggression? Do they adhere strictly to policies while maintaining flexible treatment plans? You wouldn’t be crossing a line by asking how they implement these policies in their operations. Their answers will give you an overview of expectations at the memory care unit.


Triggers are indicators that set off emotional episodes leading to aggressive behavior. Identifying and eliminating these triggers from the sufferer’s environment might be tricky but not impossible. By knowing the exact people, environment, and other stimuli that contribute to these triggers, the memory care staff should be able to develop comprehensive plans to deal with the signals. Add that to round-the-clock care for preventing aggression in order to promote emotional health.

Whether proactive or reactive, how a memory care facility deals with aggressive behavior is pertinent in deciding the best choice for your elderly.




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