Cloud Computing Certifications- Is It Worth The Investment?

The world continues to make progress at astronomic rates. Whether in terms of population or mental capacity, exponential growth occurs at every angle. As well, new companies continue to emerge, with the sole purpose of meeting all of man’s needs. This wild ambition would be tagged ‘mission impossible’ without the internet and by extension, cloud computing.

While the internet might be complicated, it makes cloud computing so approachable to learn. You can be sitting anywhere in the world and learning from some of the top aws tutors. Udemy has made e-learning so easy and you get some amazing and easy solutions architect associate – hands on labs practice tests at cost-effective prices. Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity as Cloud computing is becoming advanced and more important with each passing year. Put it this way- as a hardware disc is to a computer, cloud computing is to the internet.

Why should you invest in cloud computing?

Increasing Demands

Demands for cloud computing experts are incredibly high and this figure would surely accelerate in years to come. According to Forbes, “there are 50,248 cloud computing positions available in the United States today from 3701 employers”. Again, there are 101,913 open positions worldwide.

With the rising demand for internet facilities, it is a no-brainer to conclude that number is going to experience an exponential increase over the years. The mismatch between demand from employers and the supply of qualified individuals in the field creates a prime opportunity for more individuals interested in cloud computing. And guess what? People aren’t asleep. Year after year, people keep showing interest and the margin keeps closing. So, don’t be left out. However, truth be told, no one would employ someone with just mere interest, and without the necessary certifications at hand. Don’t get me wrong…It’s cool to show interest, but far better to have a qualification. Nevertheless, not all certificates really qualify you as a cloud computing expert. Look well before taking a leap.

Earn a Living

Cloud computing is now an integral part of digital transformation technology. In fact, industry experts project cloud computing to be a business worth at least $300billion by 2021.

Let’s state the specifics: as a cloud administrator, you are set to earn nothing less than $78,000 yearly while cloud developers earn an average of $118,758 annually. In fact, as an AWS certified solutions architect, you have a potential annual salary of $125,971. That’s more than enough to make ends meet. Since the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step; the journey of earning these amounts of dollars as a cloud computing expert starts with a certification. It really is worth the investment.

Better Shots at Getting Your Dream Job

If you are looking to penetrate the 21st-century industrial market, a certification in cloud computing certainly gives you a heads up.  Cloud computing transforms the way business operates; every company would want someone who has the required skills.

If you gain the latest cloud computing skills through proper certifications, you stand a better chance of landing solid jobs that are not easily swayed by the ever-changing market situations. This is because most employers find it hard to find employees that aren’t just IT professionals but also have first-hand knowledge of cloud computing.

Even if you aren’t ready to delve headlong into cloud computing, be sure that there would be an interesting number of opportunities awaiting you in the industry. Definitely, it won’t be a bad idea to invest in something that shoots up your chances of earning a living.

Wrapping Up

Look at the world around you- it is rapidly changing. Companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and a host of others are in a war- a conflict of who gets the highest market shares. The reason is simple- whoever leads the cloud computing service industry rules the future. Don’t be left in the past, progress to the future. If you’re into a full-time job and cannot spend time on the daily lessons, hire someone to take notes. If you are ambitious enough, let nothing stop you from getting a cloud computing certification done.

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