Cleaning Tips While Renovating Your House In Cyberjaya, Malaysia 


It is of utmost importance to get some cleaning tips while renovating your house in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. If you drive around your housing estate, you will see many house owners are now renovating the houses. Several new house buyers are also renovating their newly bought homes. There are many factors to consider while renovating your house. Your house becomes extremely dirty and dusty and is littered with all types of construction debris making the house very messy and chaotic. Try to clean up this whole mess while the renovation is being carried out. If this task is too unbearable for you, contact a professional cleaning services Cyberjaya, Cleaning Services Malaysia, to do this tedious task for you.

Cleaning Tips While Renovating Your House

Below are some useful important tips on cleaning your house while renovating it.

Tip 1: Create a special living space

The best option for the house owner is to evacuate all the occupants of the house while renovating it. This is to ensure their safety and their health. The construction and renovation debris lying around the renovating house may cause mishaps and accidents for the occupants. Breathing in the dust and dirt caused by the renovation can harm the occupants’ health as well. If there is no choice that the owner and family have to live, then make a partition or create a special room to house all the occupants safely to prevent the dust and grime from spreading all over the house. You have to tolerate the constant drilling and vibration during the renovation work.

Tip 2: Removal of expensive fixtures, antiques, art pieces, and altar 

It is highly recommended that all costly fixtures such as expensive chandeliers, lighting, antiques, furniture, costly display artifacts, art pieces, valuable paintings, and priceless statues be removed and safely stored elsewhere. Safes for keeping valuables such as cash and expensive jewelry must be removed from the house. The altar, if not removed, must be well-protected from damage by covering it up with clean but old bed sheets or even better if it can be sealed up properly. Cover any remaining furniture set with clean but old bed sheets or curtains for protection.

Tip 3: Cutting or preparing materials to be done outside the house

Give specific instructions to your renovation contractor that all cutting or preparing materials should be done only outside the house. This ensures that no dust goes inside the house.

Tip 4: Proper storing of equipment

The workers’ equipment, after use, must be properly stored away neatly in an organized way. No unused screws, pliers, screwdrivers, or other paraphernalia should be scattered on the floor which may endanger lives by causing accidents.

Tip 5: Disposal of trash

Every day, any trash must be disposed of. The floor must be swept at the end of the day to prevent dust from accumulating.

Tip 6: Protect the flooring 

The marbled or tiled or parquet flooring of the renovating house must be protected from being damaged while under renovation. Use thick cardboard and heavy-duty plastic covers to protect the flooring. The constant movement of workers carrying heavy equipment, tools, and construction materials can easily crack or damage the flooring if left unprotected.

Tip 7: Wipe and clean door handles, cabinets, and windows

All doors, windows, and built-in cabinets must be thoroughly wiped and cleaned. During the renovation, these will be encrusted with a thick layer of dust and grime. If possible, clean them daily. Do not wait until the renovation is over to clean them. It will be more tiring and more time-consuming to clean them if they are already covered with a thick layer of dust.

Tip 8: Hire a professional cleaner

Get a reliable professional cleaning service company to engage a professional cleaner to do the cleaning job for you. In the long run, paying an affordable sum will save you a lot of time and energy. Your house will remain clean without any stress.


These are some basic cleaning tips while renovating your house. We recommend that you get a professional cleaner to do the job for you. Do contact us, Cleaning Services Malaysia at for all types of cleaning services.




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