Choosing a Mattress for a Child


Choosing your own mattress is fairly simple. After all, it’s your body and you know what it needs to get a proper night’s sleep. Or, if you don’t, you know how to ask the right questions so that a sleep expert like those at Queensway Mattress can help you find the right mattress for you. With a child, though, choosing a mattress isn’t quite as simple since they can’t really tell you their preferences. Here’s a guide to choosing a mattress for a child that will ensure they get a good night of sleep every night.

Crib Mattresses

For infants, a crib mattress is the only way to go. These measure 28 inches by 52 inches and are usually extremely firm. They are typically made from memory foam or innersprings, but they are designed not to be soft in any way because soft mattresses present a suffocation risk for infants, especially newborns that can’t roll over yet. Make sure the mattress fits snugly in the crib and that there are no gaps in which the baby can become trapped. Usually, cribs are all one size and the typical crib mattress will fit appropriately.

Toddler Mattresses

Many cribs convert into toddler beds and take the same mattress, which is helpful if you’re trying to save money and not buy a new mattress for each stage of life. But, if you want or need to buy a toddler mattress, you can find them a little softer than a crib mattress since there’s no longer the risk of suffocation. In some cases, you can find a mattress that has one extra-firm side and one side that’s a bit softer so you can just flip it over when your child becomes old enough to use the softer side.

Twin Mattresses

When a child is old enough to be out of a crib, which should occur when they can climb out on their own to prevent injuries, some families skip the toddler bed entirely and switch them to a twin bed. A twin bed can last for many years, if not until they become an adult. Even then, many young adults take their twin beds with them when they move out.

When purchasing a twin mattress for your child, choose one that is not as firm as a crib mattress, but not as soft as you would like it to be either. You want it to properly support your child’s frame as it grows, which is why a firm memory foam mattress is often a good choice. These mattresses are usually squishy and comfortable, but support a growing child’s spine and joints. If you’re not quite sure if you want to make the leap from a traditional innerspring mattress to a full foam mattress, choose a hybrid that combines the best of both worlds.


Until your child can tell you how their mattress feels, you’ll just have to rely on sleep experts to help you choose a mattress for them. Fortunately, kids can usually (although not always) fall asleep on anything, so don’t put too much worry into the decision. They’ll love you just the same.




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