Change your car servicing mantra to a new mode

A car service is a regular check-up and maintenance procedures necessary for your car. Let your car be in any of the most modern categories with the latest technologies, its lifetime depends on how you treat the vehicle. The manufacturers will specify the intervals during which the vehicle needs to take servicing. It may depend on the total distance coverage or the period. By following the schedule by the manufacturers will help you to enhance the performance of the vehicle. The service will vary from vehicle to vehicle and according to different dealers. It may be the replacement of the aging parts or fluids or sometimes any major components. Never think that the MOT test is the same as the servicing. The MOT ensures that your vehicle is safe to drive according to certain standards set by the Driving and Vehicle Standard agency. So it is all about choosing a car servicing center that should be reliable experts with a customer-centric approach.

The different car service packages

There will be three levels of car service packages always for a car service. The famous service company also provides the same to the customers. Based on the service providers and places, the nomenclature may change, but the basic services provided under these categories will be the same. The interim services, full and major services are important of this kind. Each service is unique with some extra advantage compared to the lower level packages. You have to choose the best-suited service for your vehicle according to your vehicle’s condition.

  • The interim package

Usually, this is the basic package for the entry-level. If your vehicle covers more distance in a year that may require more than one service annually. So it includes the oil changes, oil filter replacement, checking of the major parts, like wheel alignment, lights, windscreen wipers, etc. it also includes the lubrication of the engine parts, brakes, and any oil or gas leakages. It is also known as a bronze service.

  • Full services

The intermediate services normally come under the category of full services. The lesser run cars need this category of service only.  The essential checks will be included in this. They are doing a wider range of checks during full service such as checking of batteries, spark plugs, the motor, and starters, etc. Any complaint in the radiator and coolant systems can be taken care of during this servicing.

  • Major services

The experts suggest doing the major service alternately with the full service. In an annual mode, one can do it, and comes as a comprehensive package. As per the recommendations, we have to replace some of the body parts of the vehicle. The brake fluid, cabin filter are of that kind. Chances are there that the fluid gets contaminated and the filters may get clogged up with dust and debris. To improve the quality of driving and the long life of your vehicle, one has to do this at proper times.

Why a car service is necessary?

Though the car service is a legal requirement, many people are opting for this at particular intervals of time. They really wish to keep their vehicles running for a longer time. You can experience deterioration in the performance of a vehicle if you didn’t service it properly. If we are checking the benefits of regular car servicing you can never neglect them.

  • Greater resale value

If you are comparing a vehicle with proper servicing to another one without much servicing, the buyers always prefer the former. The proper service history will always attract buyers to the vehicles. And you can hold the prices at a better range with a good condition vehicle.

  • Ensures reliability

Timely detection of any possible chances of occurrence of tear and wear can be detected then and there with such services. So the regular checkups will help you to eliminate the most probable repair issues and thus ensures excellent performance and we can drive long distances reliably.

  • Problem-free engines

Like any other metal parts, lubrication is very important for the moving parts of the vehicle engines. The regular lubrication of the engine parts and replacement of the oils and filters will give long life to your engines.

  • Better performance

The discs, brakes, and clippers are most prone to wear and tear amongst the engine parts. The annual inspection of these parts at and assurance of optimum performance will help in the long run.

The top services by reputed centers

  • Body repair

If you want to deal with any small scratches or major dents on your car, you may have to go with the body repairing services. They will provide a whole coverage of car paint repair, bumper repair, etc on a single service.

  • Interior detailing

Those who wish to have a thorough cleaning of the car interiors must try this option of interior detailing. The service persons will pull off the mats and vacuum the floors so that the interior will be free from dust and debris. 

  • Exterior Rubbing and polishing

To give your car a fresh look always, there should not be scratches and imperfections. The shiny outer layer will give a fresh glow to your car. By peeling off the outer layer of the paint and then polishing or waxing it with suitable paints will give it a new look.

  • Car spa

Car spa is a much-advanced version of car cleaning. Both the exterior and interior dust cleaning are part of this. They clean the car’s body, engines, glasses, etc thoroughly in the process. And they include the inner side, the seating space, ac ducts, etc also in the cleaning process.

In a nutshell,

As a car owner, every day you wish to see your car looking fresh and clean and also like to enjoy the unconditional driving experience. Years after the purchase also you can feel that freshness with a regular servicing practice. Consider the best car services in your area that satisfies all your needs and mostly you will be ending up with the name Pitstop – the best in the car servicing industry.

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