Caught driving with cannabis? Find out what to do 


Dealing with police officers and legal representatives takes work. If you get caught by police officers and test positive for marijuana following a road trip, then there is no way you can refuse and avoid the penalty. It would help if you spoke to motoring offenders’ lawyers straight away. Remember that these are complex litigations requiring your special attention. There are several significant areas to bring under deliberation. It would help if you managed your defense, which will happen only when you have the driving offenses solicitors by your side.

  • Get lawyers

It applies to every individual who drives under the influence of cannabis. Different countries have unique rules and regulations for monitoring these aspects. If you get caught driving under the impact of cannabis, you first need to get in touch with a lawyer as fast as possible. Remember that you cannot operate a car publicly when you have an illegal drug in the system.

When talking about marijuana, it may be argued that it is not a strict zero-tolerance approach because the driver is allowed 2 to 3 micrograms of THC every litre of blood. However, it is a very insignificant amount. When exposed to marijuana, it may compare you to going over the legal limits.

When caught driving with marijuana and that too, more than two micrograms of THC in every litre of blood, you may get charged with a crime. More specifically, you may get accused of driving after smoking marijuana; it is a heinous crime in many countries. It carries several potential penalties, which include the following:

  • A fine
  • 12-month ban on driving
  • 6 to 10 months prison sentence
  • Endorsement on the license

In all these circumstances, you need the help of a lawyer who can provide you with the best legal representation. Remember that whether it is sample testing of the blood or any other thing, you need the help of legal representatives to get you the best advice and guide you through the procedure. All you need to do is get in touch with the reputed lawyer known for his professionalism and services.

  • How do you manage the police?

In the past, police officers had several resources for testing the individual for drugs. Now, they test for marijuana on roadsides by swap devices known as drug wipes. It is typical for officers to perform roadside checks randomly. The police may stop you from driving without any reason. Alternatively, a driver may be pulled out of your car erratically and charged with breaching the regulation and breaking the road rules.

Irrespective of the scenario, if the police officer has cause to suspect a driver of drug driving, they will order an impairment test. So now you know how severe the problem is.

Many procedural rules may follow when an individual is tested positive for marijuana. Getting released from jail without legal representation is challenging in these complex situations. Hence grab a good lawyer specializing in such cases to get bail fast. Do not hide things from your attorney to get released quickly.


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