Can collagen supplements help your hair to grow? Essential facts to know 


Most Australians have good hair health! And it is because they work for it. Right from using the correct supplements to the proper healthy diet plan, they have it all in place. They also pay heed to their daily exercise, which helps them to balance the hormones and the oxygen glow to the head, which in turn helps in good hair health. Most people can address their issues and work to enjoy good hair health. Solutions and treatments for hair issues are rampant in the country. Recently, Australians have been counting on collagen supplements to boost their hair health. 

Several options are available in terms of collagen supplements online and offline. All you need to do is select the one you want to opt in for and use it. You can check out the best collagen supplement Australia to know more about this

  • Collagen supplements and their benefits

Most often than not, collagen supplementation can bring down the signs of aging, and it can also make the skin plump. It will also add a youthful glow to your overall skin and complexion. But recently, studies are showing that collagen supplements have the scope to enhance the quality of your hair. 

And here, it becomes essential to know about collagen and its benefits. Calcium is a supportive, fibrous protein that helps make up the skin, bones, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons. And it is highly flexible and robust to support and anchor the cells in one another. In simple terms, collagen provides cushions to the joint and results in plumper skin. 

The body can generate collagen through the process of protein breakdown. But the moment you are 20, there is a big chance of collagen decreasing by 1% every year. When you reach your 40s, your body will tell you about low collagen levels, which can be between loose skin, wrinkles, reduced joint flexibility, and even greying and thinning hair. 

Here you can look at collagen for regenerating the hair follicles. Here the cells of the body can make use of the short amino acid chairs for generating the keratin protein that has an essential role in enhancing hair growth, total elasticity, and hair strength. The collagen peptides work with hyaluronic acid to rebuild and moisturize the environment surrounding every hair follicle. The enhanced structure in and around the hair follicle can result in better nutrient diffusion in the strand and better-moisturized hair. 

  • The role of an antioxidant

Collagen is a natural antioxidant that can help neutralize the free radicals that develop in your body because of poor diet, stress, alcohol, air pollutants, and other environmental impacts. And if these free radicals don’t get averted, they can develop in the body and further damage the delicate hair follicles, resulting in hair loss in teenagers.

  • You get volume

Collagen can help to add volume to your hair. According to research, a study by a team of scientists stated that the kind of particular collagen available close to the hair follicles would lessen as we age, leading to hair loss. The antioxidant properties of collagen can help maximize hair volume by enhancing hair follicles. Here an amino acid known as proline enables securing the hair to stay safe from the damaging impacts of free radicals. 

You can use collagen to keep the hair healthy. It has been known that collagen can hold the dermal layer of the hair follicles together, that in turn helps to ensure that your hair is healthy and robust. With age, as collagen production becomes less, the dermal layer on the scalp can come up with very few hair follicles, which can lead to hair fall. Regarding the scalp, the collagen supplement can play a crucial role in assisting the hair follicle. And when it comes to the hair follicle’s growth stage, such as anagen, the collagen levels can maximize in and around the hair bulb. After that, you will find that the collagen gets lost right after the hair follicle matures. But the body can carry on producing the collagen to maximize the Collagen again for the hair growth next phase.

Finally, if you want to have healthy, lustrous hair, collagen supplements are non-negotiable. Today, there are several forms that you can opt-in for. The ones that are available in capsule or powder forms are the ones that get consumed widely. However, you need to get sure about the dose and finish the supplement for about three months to see the difference.

Book your appointment with a medical professional today and discuss the pros and cons of this supplement. Don’t forget to find out about the dosage. Make sure to follow the instructions of the doctor. Don’t let your hair loss steal your peace of mind. Now that you know what to do, nothing is left to worry about.




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