Best Watches for Work

Watch today serves a purpose that goes beyond the normal one of telling time. More people are today using watches as a statement of their style and to enhance what they are really representing. In most of the cases, the type of a watch you wear can tell much about your personality. In fact they can indicate whether you are refined, minimalist or athletic. What this means is that you need to take time to research for the best watches according to your lifestyle.

Unlike the rest of the watches in your wardrobe, it can be a little difficult to find and buy a nice watch for your official hours. In this brief, we are helping you determine the best watches for work that you can go for in 2019.

Zenith Defy

Zenith watches are among the best watches that you can get today for your office hours. Zenith has over the last 148 years been making the best casual and official watches. Their watches are made with due care and at the same time, the company invests a lot of time to make sure their end products are high quality and beautifully designed.

Patek Phillipe Calavatyra Men’s watch

Patek Philippe is another watch manufacturer in the market today that manufactures nice watches perfect for work. They are renowned for making beautiful and extravagant watches. Wearing one of their masterpieces shows that you are a real aficionado of the watch world. Though these watches are not as obvious as Rolex they are perfect for people who love wearing the finer things in the market.

Shinola Detroit the Guardian

This watch is the US-made unisex match that has took all the Americans weird. The watch has an all-American look with a retro feel and edge. The watch features a 42-mm stainless steel case and some super nice hands. You can choose between the brown leather, black leather, stainless steel case, lugs, and winder appeal depending on your wish.

Seiko 5 SNZF17

The many reasons why most people love this watch is because of its in-house automatic movement, steel bracelet, and day-date function. The watch is also affordable which means you will not spend an entire salary in getting it. The watch retails at $150 and hence it should be just your best match this year.

Orient Bambino V.3

This is a Japanese watch that also comes with an in-house automatic movement. It also has a hand-winding and hacking, to boot. This watch is everything you need in a simple dress. It can be a good watch for your office house and at the same time your casual wear.

Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic

Another watch perfect for work is here. The Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic Watch has a 24-hour dial and leather straps. The watch is classically and beautifully crafted to enhance your official wear. This timepiece weds a military aesthetic with the office-appropriate presentation. If you pair it with a Nato Strap, you will eventually have a perfect field watch.

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