Best Solution To Solve Malware bytes Web Protection Won’t Turn On Issue


In today’s life where we are totally relying on the internet for everything, the risk is also high. The risk of losing all the personal information, to an unknown person sitting in any corner of the world is high. With every click on a new link, there are chances that the computer might become the victim of vicious malware; the loss one has to bear is beyond the limit. To fight these threatening risks, many antiviruses are available today. Some are free and some are chargeable. One of the effective and best free antiviruses is Malware bytes. However, many people complain about the Malware bytes Web Protection Won’t Turn On.

So we here come up with the best solutions for the Malware bytes web protection issue. There are multiple ways to resolve the problem. Let’s read one by one, how to fix this problem.

Method 1:

Restart the system

A restart might not sound the right way for the virus affected PC, but it is many a time reboot helps to function a program properly. Now check if the Malware bytes is off or on. If the result is not in favor, then time to move to method number 2.

Method 2:

Reinstall Malware bytes

The next method is the reinstallation of Malware bytes. Here are the steps to follow to uninstall and reinstall the program for both free and premium versions.

For Charge-free Version

  1. Go to the start menu and in the search bar enter “Regedit”.
  2. Once the registry editor window is open Windows x86 32-Bit should navigate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Malware bytes’ Anti-Malware’ location, whereas the
  3. Windows x64 64-Bit should follow ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Malware bytes’ Anti-Malware’ location.
  4. After that, recover your ID and follow the removal process as guided on the screen
  5. Once the uninstallation is complete, download the free version from the internet.

For Premium version

  1. In Malware bytes software, open “My Account”, followed by the “Deactivate” option.
  2. Further, click on the setting and press “Advanced Settings” option available on the navigational panel.
  3. Now check if the “Enable Self protection Module” is not tick marked.
  4. After closing the program, visit the official site of Malware bytes and download ‘mbam-clean.exe’ tool and which will turn off the antivirus temporarily.
  5. After rebooting the system, visit the official website of Malware bytes and download the upgraded version
  6. Before that untick the trial option and click on the “Activation” option.
  7. Once done, copy the ID and past the ID available in the Registry to the instructed filed.
  8. Now your Malware bytes license is upgraded and activated.

Method 3:

Keep Malware bytes up to date

Many times it is possible to turn on the Malware bytes protection with the older version.

  1. Double click on the antivirus icon
  2. Select “Setting” and click on the “Application tab”
  3. Now move to the “Application Update” option
  4. With that click on “Install Application Updates”
  5. Then “ok” option to download the updated version

Method 4:

Reload the Antivirus program

If all the discussed method failed to solve the problem, then reboot the Malware bytes by following the below steps:

  1. Press Esc’+Ctrl+Shift or Alt+Ctrl and Del, to open the task manager
  2. Now select option “More details”
  3. Then go to “Process” and then select the numerous entries by right click
  4. After this click on “End Task” and further click on “Yes” to confirm
  5. Then open a new tab and click at “Task”
  6. Moving further, type “ MBAMServices.exe’ in the “Run new task” field.
  7. Once the process is complete, restart the PC

Method 5:

Go for System Restore

If nothing is working then the last solution that can be less damaged is the option to choose the System Restore option. Steps for system Restore are here

  1. On the window start button, type “Restore”
  2. Further select “ System Restore”
  3. Now select the date or approximate date after which the malware protection turned OFF.
  4. Click on “OK” to confirm the restoration
  5. Once done, run the Malware bytes to confirm whether the problem is solved or not.

Method 6:

Remove the newly added Driver

This is not the full proof method, but you can give it a chance to remove the problem. Follow the below steps to remove or uninstall Driver.

  1. Right Click on the tray icon of the Malware bytes and select “Exit Malware bytes”
  2. After that open, the command prompt, then right-click on it to choose the “Run as administrator”
  3. Now follow the command by entering “c delete mbamwebprotection”
  4. Now if the update will be available then you will get the pop for the same
  5. After that click on “yes” and follow the command.
  6. Now check if the problem of Malware bytes problem is solved or not


So discussed above were the possible solutions for the Malware bytes web protection won’t turn on problem. Hopefully, you had found the answer to your problem. Let us know in the comment section, which method proves useful for your problem. For all the tech updates, keep visiting Technographx.

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