Best Providers of Unlimited NBN Plans


With the up and coming switch to the NBN network, you already need to prepare and explore your options when it comes to various internet service providers (ISPs). For sure, different providers will come up with specific types of plans to cater to your internet speed and bandwidth needs and preferences. In case you prefer to go for an unlimited broadband plan, below are some of the best providers that you should consider.

Tangerine Telcom

Tangerine Telcom is one of the NBN providers who offer unlimited data in their plans. Aside from this feature, they also offer no-contract plans with no setup fees. This means that in case you are not happy with their service, you can just leave anytime without anything holding you back. Nevertheless, their current subscribers seem to be happy with their service because they mostly get five-star ratings. For this reason, they are one of the best providers of unlimited NBN plans that you can find in the market. Thus, it is worthwhile to consider this provider even if they may not be quite relatively known yet.


Belong is owned by Telstra but they offer separate plans which prove to be some of the cheapest in the market. Rest assured that all of their plans come with unlimited broadband. You can choose between a month-to-month contract or a 12-month contract, with the latter being a couple of bucks cheaper.

Aussie Broadband

Aussie Broadband boasts of a consistently high evening speed even if it is quite a relatively new NBN supplier. According to their subscribers, they seldom experience any congestion in network traffic even during peak hours, which makes this provider highly recommended. This is backed up by the bandwidth graphs that they publish to show the capacity that their clients are using. While their plans are customizable, some of their most popular plans come with the unlimited broadband feature.


Vodafone only has three different NBN plans in their offering and all go with unlimited data. The great part is that you get to have a significant discount if you opt to bundle your plan with their mobile service. Their plans also come with a modem that has a 4G backup that will allow you to be connected even in the event of a fault. Like with other providers, they also offer contract-free plans allowing you to bounce anytime you want to do so.


TPG is a seasoned internet provider that offers some of the cheapest plans that you can find. Aside from this, their evening speed proves to be remarkable too, being one of those who provide the fastest internet speeds. While they have plans that offer unlimited data, they also have plans that come with a data cap.


If you are after quality, speed, and reliability, then Telstra proves to be a viable choice for you. You will find that they have unlimited broadband plans in various speed tiers. Aside from amazing past speeds even during the evening hours, they also offer contract-free plans that allow you to leave without any penalties. Just keep in mind that since their plans come with a Wi-Fi modem, you need to pay for the remaining value left for you to settle in case you want to leave early. Nonetheless, this modem is valuable because it can keep you connected in case the NBN goes down.


Aside from offering unlimited broadband plans, Internode also offers an entertainment inclusion in their package in the form of Fetch TV services. If you go for a 6-month contract, then you get to have a Fetch Mini set-top box for free. With this, you have the option of adding channel packs at an additional cost.


Superloop may be new but it has one of the most robust infrastructures among different providers. Thus, you are guaranteed a reliable internet connection even through extreme weather conditions. Because they have great control over their network, you are also ensured of fast internet speed on your chosen speed tier, even during peak hours. Rest assured that you get all these features with unlimited broadband.


The plans offered by Kogan are considerably some of the ones cheapest in the market and they are transparent with their pricing too. Compared to other providers that only offer a low price during the first few months of your subscription, Kogan offers a fixed price that you have to pay all throughout your subscription with them. You will find several of their plans with an unlimited broadband feature.

To wrap things up, the providers listed above are only some of the NBN providers worth considering. There are still other providers out there who may have the specific plan inclusions that you need. The key is in figuring out which of these providers are available in your area to get the best price for the internet features that you need, such as unlimited broadband.




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