Best Legal Blogs to Follow Today


Legal blogs have become an essential source of information for legal professionals, clients, and those interested in the ever-evolving world of law. 

These blogs offer a wealth of knowledge, from legal news to practical advice, and talking in detail about specific areas of law. In this article, we’ve curated a list of the best legal blogs for you.

What is a Legal Blog?

A legal blog, also known as blawg, is a blog that focuses on law-related topics. These blogs can range from general law updates to specialized areas of practice. 

They are often written by legal professionals, law firms, law schools, or legal technology companies. Whether you’re a seasoned attorney, a law student, or someone interested in understanding the complexities of the legal system, there’s a legal blog out there for you.

The Best General Legal Blogs

General legal blogs provide a wide range of topics and practice areas. Here are some of the best:

Angela Gallo

This blog, managed by Angela, is authored by an attorney who possesses a fervent interest in the realms of legal interpretation, leading a wholesome lifestyle, fostering enriching connections and attaining economic autonomy. 

Serving as a platform, this Angela Gallo’s blog allows to impart her viewpoints, with the aspiration that readers will discover both utility and enjoyment in its contents.

ABA Journal

The American Bar Association (ABA) Journal is a trusted and highly regarded resource for legal professionals. It collects information from about 4,000 legal blogs including features content written by actual lawyers who know their industry a lot.

Above the Law

Above the Law offers insights, news, and opinions on law firms, making it a perfect resource for attorneys. One of its unique offerings is its career center, which provides critical content specifically for different stages in a legal professional’s journey.


LexBlog boasts a global community of about 30,000 blog publishers. It offers a wealth of legal news and insights, making it one of the best general legal blogs to follow.

FindLaw Legal Blogs

FindLaw is a resource that aims to make all information regarding the law be more accessible to everyone. It offers well-written articles, recent news, and discussions on various legal issues and practices.

Legal Mosaic

Legal Mosaic offers thought-provoking content, embracing thought leadership and posing philosophical questions about the law.

The Best Legal Blogs Focusing on Technology

As technology continues to evolve, so too does its impact on the legal sector. Here are some of the biggest legal blogs with a tech focus:

The Clio Blog

Clio is a cloud-based legal practice management software, and their blog is a must-read. It offers innovative ideas, solutions, and tips on how to run a more efficient and profitable law firm.


Lawsites, run by lawyer and journalist Robert Ambrogi, is a go-to resource for the latest tech-related legal news. It offers updates on legal tech innovations, acquisitions, and valuable business resources for lawyers.

Legal IT Insider

Legal IT Insider is a top destination for those in the world of legal IT. The blog provides noteworthy updates, news, and deep dives into the world of legal IT.

Law Technology Today

Law Technology Today is a resource that prepares you for the future by covering automation, remote work in the legal field, and more. They also offer a specific section for security, providing in-depth insights on topics like NFTs.

Artificial Lawyer

Artificial Lawyer is dedicated to helping legal professionals improve and optimize their processes through technology. Their comprehensive legal tech education guide is a unique offering that can’t be beaten.

Best Legal Blogs for Current News and Events

Staying updated on various events is crucial. Here are some blogs that focus on developing and breaking legal news:


SCOTUSblog is a must-follow for anyone interested in the U.S. Supreme Court. It provides information on petitions to keep watch for, case summaries, and breaking news related to the Supreme Court. is a reliable and respected outlet for up-to-date information on legal matters. They extensively report on advancements in the legal field across various regions including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.


JURIST is a project written by students at various law schools worldwide. It offers commentary about various issues in the legal world.


JDSupra is a blog focusing on business, posting content created daily by leading experts in the business world.

Reuters Legal

Reuters Legal brings readers to recent legal news in the world, covering government lawmaking, transactions, litigation, and more.

Best Legal Blogs Surrounding Ethics

Legal ethics is a crucial aspect of being an attorney. Here are some of the best legal blogs in this category are:


Law360 covers a wide range of topics related to legal ethics, including intellectual property, securities, and employment.

The Ethical Investigator

Excitingly, The Ethical Investigator delves into topics such as asset search, due diligence, and various other private corporate investigative issues.

Ethicking provides captivating blog posts that delve into the practical aspects of being a lawyer and ethical considerations within the legal profession.


In this digital era, legal blogs have become a vital tool for legal professionals. From updates on the latest court rulings to deep dives into specific areas of law, these blogs provide invaluable insights and information. By regularly engaging with these blogs, you can stay on top of industry news, emerging legal trends, and innovations in technology. So go ahead, start exploring, and enrich your legal knowledge!




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